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2014-15 second edition, Nov 2014

Department of Art and Design


  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Art and Design (BSEd), and Secondary Education/Art (MSEd)
  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education – Art and Design (BSEd), and Secondary Education/Art (MSEd)

General Information

Facilities and Resources

The Department of Art and Design has twenty-nine full-time professors and nearly sixty faculty members in total. There are 561 undergraduate art and design majors, which makes this department the largest publicly supported one in Missouri. In summer 2013 the department took up residence at Brick City, a 88,000 square foot facility providing new studios, smart classrooms, experimental student galleries and critique spaces, two professional galleries, seven computer labs, a visual resource library, art supply store, and administrative and support offices. Graduate students will not only be able to shape their vision as artists here, but they will also learn how to teach their discipline.

The location of the new facility for the Department of Art and Design in the downtown Springfield area is unique in its ability to provide Art and Design students an interface with other galleries, businesses, restaurants, and so forth. Important urban research partnerships, such as the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurial, Art (IDEA) Commons, and Marlin Graphic Design Studios are next door. These entities provide working models of invention and practical applications, with opportunities to share in research and employment, and in carrying out the Public Affairs Mission of the institution.

Cultural leaders, such as those produced through this degree, are individuals who bring to light and engage global citizens in issues about who we are and who we want to be as a people. Programs abroad in Florence, London, Arles and faculty/student exchanges in Korea, China, and Taiwan, provide opportunities for Art and Design students to further enrich their cultural studies. Diverse faculty members from ten countries also bring different perspectives and engage students in deepening a world-wide perspective. As practicing artists or designers those ideals are expressed in visual, tangible ways – through technology, social media, advertising, television, film, and art. These messages permeate society into all the objects we buy, the way we interact with our environment, and help shape what we think and how we feel as human beings with a variety of backgrounds and traditions. 

Missouri State University’s MFA program is designed to build upon and complement the strengths of the University, the College of Arts and Letters, and the Art and Design Department. The Art and Design Department provides studio facilities and equipment for animators, ceramicists, digital and video artists, graphic designers, drawing students, Illustrators, jewelers, metalsmiths, painters, photographers, printmakers, and sculptors.

The Duane G. Meyer Library maintains an extensive collection of art and design periodicals as well as books relating to art and design history

Brick City Galleries, 215 W. Mill St., (417) 836-6794, Exhibitions change monthly during the school year. Each year the exhibition schedule includes shows by distinguished artists and designers who are internationally, nationally and regionally known. Faculty exhibitions are scheduled bi-annually.

Student Exhibition Center, 838 E. Walnut St., (417) 836-6999, Located near campus on historic Walnut Street and John Q. Hammons Parkway, this converted Victorian two-story building contains exhibitions of student work that change monthly during the school year. Each year the exhibition schedule also includes a Foundations Show and Senior Design Show. Additional shows may vary from year to year.