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Master of Science, Administrative Studies

Gerald Masterson, Program Director
JDMorris Center, Room 413
Phone:  417-836-6194

Program description

The Master of Science in Administrative Studies is a cross-disciplinary program which features enhancement of administrative abilities with options in Applied Communication, Criminal Justice, Environmental Management, Homeland Security, Producing and ScreenwritingSports Management or an Individualized Option.  The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who are established in careers and are seeking professional growth and advancement within their vocations. The 33-hour program builds upon past work experience, and allows participants to expand their knowledge base, abilities, and skills which can lead to enhanced administrative roles within organizations.

A basic premise of the program is that for individuals to be effective in their career paths, they need to build from a core of courses designed to impart various skills common to effective administration and successful goal achievement. Hence, all students will take courses that build competencies in Communication, Personnel Issues, Information Systems, Legal/Political Issues, Budgeting, and Research Design/Methods. For the additional 12 hours of the program, students will select, with advisement, a discipline-option option that focuses on one application of administrative services.

The Master of Science in Administrative Studies may be taken via the Internet. All of the required 24 hours of core courses and the Communication, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Sports Management options are available over the Internet. Currently, the 12-hour Environmental Management option is available only on campus. The Individualized option would depend on the selection of courses chosen.

Admission requirements 

The Master of Science in Administrative Studies is designed for mature individuals who are highly motivated to pursue an advanced degree. Admission is competitive and meeting the minimum standards for admission will not guarantee acceptance into the program.

In addition, students accepted into the program must have completed: 

  1. a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by agencies recognized by Missouri State University or equivalent education from a foreign university;
  2. a GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale for the last 60 hours of course work. Applicants with a GPA less than 3.00 must submit a combined score of 290 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE, or equivalent GMAT; or be willing to take 9 hours as a Non-Degree Seeking student and maintain a 3.00 in those courses.; 
  3. an up-to-date Resume and a written statement of goals for and interest in the degree submitted to the MSAS program director.  This written statement will be reviewed to assess the applicant's motivation and commitment to complete the graduate degree and as evidence of writing skill necessary to succeed in the program;
  4. two letters of recommendation from individuals able to speak to the applicants academic and professional abilities and potential to succeed in the program (submitted to the Program Director);
  5. admission application (all materials) deadline is 35 days prior to the start of the term.
  6. all additional University and Graduate College requirements for admission to a degree program.

Degree requirements (minimum of 33 hours)

For core courses, select one course from each of the top two (2) rows in the table below, and then select five (5) additional courses from the five of the six other rows of the table. Note that some courses may have prerequisites and/or require "permission" from the instructor, such that not every course in the table is available to all MSAS students. When a program of study is generated, including core and option courses, the following two limitations for the degree must be observed:

  • Only 3 courses in this degree can be from the College of Business (COB)
  • Eighteen (18) credits (generally 6 classes) must be taken at the 700-level
1. Core requirements (21 hours)
Program ObjectivesSuggested
Approved Alternative Courses (contact instructor for more information)
Read, understand, and balance the budget for the organizations in which they are employed. [REQUIRED] ACC 600* or
PLS 756*
ACC 632, ACC 688*, ACC 711*, FIN 600, FIN 682, FIN 788
Understand and practice appropriate legal/regulatory and ethical issues in the context of the work environment. [REQUIRED] PLS 651* LAW 600, LAW 632, LAW 637 (for Environmental Management), PLS 778, COM 619
Select, train, evaluate and terminate employees under their supervision. PSY 776* PLS 752, MGT 704
Design research projects to collect information to assess the effectiveness of current practices, and interpret the results of a statistical analysis of data, and use this to make informed decisions. COM 718* SFR 780*, HLH 700, PBH 730**, PBH 760*, PLS 676
Identify and employ effective communication appropriate to the work environment, within or between work entities. COM 736* BUS 650*, MGT 706
Understand, utilize, and adapt to the technologies common in their work environments CIS 600* CIS 761*
Understand the culture, behavior, diversity and structure of organizations. No particular
PLS 753, PLS 761*: COM 617*
Understand the basic processes of grant writing and grant administration ENG 672* MED 762*, COM 718*

* Offered at least once a year in an online format

** Offered at least once every two years in online format

2. Research methods/research requirement
  1. Research Methods Requirement. The research methods requirement is satisfied by completing COM 718 Applied Communication Research Methods (or approved substitution course SFR 780*, HLH 700, PBH 730**, PBH 760*, or PLS 676), in the required core.
  2. Research Requirement. MSAS students are expected to demonstrate research and writing proficiency appropriate to their career path and program emphasis. Scholarly projects are required within the option area and a research methods course to satisfy this requirement. Students will complete a significant project as a capstone experience in an option area course.
3. Comprehensive examination

This examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be given. Please note that comprehensive examinations are regularly administered in the fall and spring semesters with some option areas being available in the summer semester. See the MSAS website for more information.

4. Option areas (12 hours)

Seven formal options exist for the Master of Science in Administrative Studies. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in an option. Options include Communication, Criminal Justice, Environmental Management, Homeland Security, Producing and Screenwriting, Project Management, Sports Management and an Individualized Option. Under special circumstances and close supervision of the Program Director, students may be allowed to develop a specialized course of study to complete the option area of the degree.

Applied Communication option

Choose any of the following courses:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
COM 611 Conflict and Communication 3 hrs
COM 617 Communication and Diversity in the Workplace 3 hrs
COM 619 Ethical Issues in Communication 3 hrs
COM 732 Theories and Concepts of Small Group Communication 3 hrs
COM 713 Media Resources for Organizations 3 hrs
Criminal Justice option

Complete the following courses:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
CRM 701 Criminal Justice Policy 3 hrs
CRM 740 Foundations of Homeland Defense and Security 3 hrs
CRM 750 Law Enforcement and Community 3 hrs
CRM 770 Correctional Theory and Practice 3 hrs
Environmental Management option

Required (6 hours):

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
GRY 731 Environmental Assessment 3 hrs
ECO 640 Economics of the Environment 3 hrs

Elective hours (6 hours chosen in consultation with advisor):

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
BIO 632 Principles of Fisheries Management 3 hrs
BIO 662 Limnology 3 hrs
BIO 689 Game Management 3 hrs
BIO 726 Advanced Limnology Methods 3 hrs
CHM 660 Chemistry of Environmental Systems:  Water & Land 3 hrs
PLN 671 Land Use Planning 3 hrs
PLN 674 Open Space Planning 3 hrs
GRY 748 Physiography and Resource Planning 3 hrs
PLN 670 Planning Law 3 hrs
Homeland Security option

Complete the following courses:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
CRM 740 Foundations of Homeland Defense and Security 3 hrs
CRM 745 Topics in Homeland Defense and Security 3 hrs
PLS 717 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security 3 hrs
PLS 719 Strategic Planning and Organizational Imperatives in Homeland Security 3 hrs
Producing and Screenwriting option

Select four courses (12 hours from the following):

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
MED 660  Beginning Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 667  Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 668  Writing for Television 3 hrs
MED 669 Rewriting Film and Television Scripts 3 hrs
MED 671  Writing the Web Series 3 hrs
MED 672 Advanced Screenwriting 3 hrs
MED 762 TV/Film Producing and Marketing 3 hrs
MED 792 Indpendent Study (with permission of Director & Coordinator) 3 hrs
Sports Management option

The Sports Management Option is a 15 hour option that includes three 3 credit hour courses and one 6 hour field experience course. KIN 733 covers the research requirement for the MSAS program.

Required Courses (15 hours):

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
KIN 739 Principles of Sports Management 3 hrs
KIN 780 Legal Aspects in Sports, Physical Education, Recreation, and Wellness Programs 3 hrs
KIN 733 Current Problems in Sports Administration 3 hrs
KIN 798 Field Experience in Sports Management 6 hrs
Individualized option

Under special circumstances and close supervision of the Program Director, students may be allowed to develop a specialized course of study to complete the option area of the degree.