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2015-16 preliminary edition, April 2015

Certificate in Cybersecurity

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Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Katie Brady, Graduate Director
Glass Hall, Room 223; Phone 417-836-5616

Program description

The Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program provides a 12 hours graduate-level experience in the field of cybersecurity.  The program provides hands on labs to teach Cybersecurity professionals how to secure and defend Information Systems from malicious attackers.  Senior level security professionals working in retail, healthcare, military, and educational settings have curated the security curriculum to ensure immediately applicability.  

Entrance Criteria

Candidates for the certificate program must be admitted to the University as a graduate student. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and meet minimum admission criteria for the Master of Business Administration program. All course work must be approved by the MBA Program Director.

Required courses  (12 hrs)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
CIS 626 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 3 hrs

CIS 764 OR

CIS 766

Hacker Techniques and Incident Response OR

Web Application Security

3 hrs

ACC 751

Computer Forensics and I.T. Auditing  

3 hrs
CIS 762 I.T. Legal Issues in Cybersecurity 3 hrs


GPA requirement

Students must have a B or better grade in each course.