International Travel Awards


The purpose of international travel must be to “advance the university mission, in a manner related to the research of the faculty member”, and the awarding of funds will depend in part on what is being done on the trip. The emphasis of this funding is for the sharing of research. Presentation at a conference or other invited event has a higher priority than just attending a conference. Preference may be given to newer faculty for whom the trip is more likely to advance their careers. Collection of data and materials for research is explicitly excluded from consideration, as Faculty Research Grants serve this purpose and can be used to support international travel.


All full-time faculty actively involved in research are eligible to apply. Faculty members who receive funding for one trip would be ineligible to receive additional funding for one year from the date he/she submits the post-trip report (see below). After this period, they could apply again, if funding is available. However, when funding is scarce, those who have recently received funding will be a lower priority.

A member of the International Travel Awards Committee is eligible to apply for a travel award, and under this scenario, an interim committee member from that College will be selected to replace this regular member for that round of competition.


The maximum award will be $2,000 provided by the Provost (as administered by the Graduate College). The College and/or Department will be required to match the Provost contribution 1:1. The Provost’s office can commit funds first, to allow the faculty member to leverage this into college/departmental requests, but the Provost’s fund is not obligated to pay that stated amount if matching funds are not obtained. Any external funds available for this international travel (grants, contracts, conference, etc.) should be identified prior to asking for internal funds.


Applications will be due in the Graduate College on September 15 for the fall and March 15 for the spring. Notification of awards will be in October and April.

  • Download the Application Form
  • Applications will be accepted no more than one year prior to the conference/activity.
  • Applications will not be accepted for travel that has already been initiated.
  • Applications cannot contain multiple trips.
  • If there was no way to anticipate the travel in time for the application deadlines, applications may be considered on a “fast-track” basis between the fall and spring deadline dates. Please apply at least 4 weeks prior for such requests.

The application form for an International Travel Award must be completed by the applicant. This will include a short description of the event, explaining how attending will “advance the university mission in a manner related to the research of the faculty”, and how this will help advance the applicant’s research agenda. The applicant is responsible for circulating this application to her/his Department head and College Dean, and ensuring it is submitted electronically (as one document) to the Graduate College ( by the deadline. For questions regarding the application, contact Lisa Taylor in the Graduate College (836-5388).


These awards will be administered by the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College. Applications will be submitted to the Graduate College, who will make recommendations to the Provost after they have been reviewed/ranked by the International Travel Award Committee. Funding for awardees will be transferred to the department once participation has been verified (evidence must be provided that the abstract has been accepted for presentation, or other forms of participation have been confirmed) and the matching funds from the Department/College are confirmed. Funds can be used for up-front costs or reimbursement, in compliance with University regulations and policies.

Acceptance of funding indicates that the recipient agrees to the following:

  • Be available to give a campus presentation within 1 year
  • Be willing to serve on the International Travel Committee, if asked, within 3 years


Within 30 days following the trip a final report must be submitted to the Graduate College. At a minimum, the report will include the following:

  • Name, date and location of event
  • Title of presentation(s)
  • Estimated number of persons attending the presentation
  • Citation of published abstract (if available)
  • Connection to any anticipated publication containing elements of the presentation
  • Attached abstract