Graduate CollegeFaculty and Staff

Research Support

Faculty can receive support for their research from a number of different sources within the University.

Graduate College Sponsored Research Support

  • Faculty Research Grants
    • Faculty Research Grants will be awarded to support new research, creative or scholarly activities or for high quality projects not likely to receive external funding.
  • Summer Faculty Fellowships
    • The function of a Summer Faculty Fellowship is to allow faculty members engaged in research or in creative activities to devote intense thought and activity to a single project over the course of a summer.
  • International Travel Awards
    • The purpose of International Travel Awards is to provide financial assistance to faculty who will be traveling abroad to advance the university mission, in a manner related to sharing the results of research.

Other Sources of Faculty Research Support

Sabbatical Leave

Ranked faculty members who have completed 12 semesters of service to MSU can apply for sabbatical leave. More information about sabbaticals is available on the provost’s website.

Equipment Matching Funds

Funds are available to match for externally-funded, proposed equipment purchases. The request is coordinated through the office of sponsored research and programs.

Educational Leave

You may be eligible for extended educational leave, if you are wishing to pursue an advanced degree. Applications should be submitted to your college’s dean.

Curriculum Innovation Grants

Administered by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, curriculum innovation grants support the transformation of an existing course or the development of a new course in with outcomes in these focus areas:

  • Public affairs curriculum innovation
  • Technology curriculum innovation
  • General curriculum innovation