Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction of Application Information

I'm interested in Missouri State University for graduate school, but I am unsure which program is the most suitable for me. Can I schedule an appointment with an advisor?

Graduate Admissions at Missouri State University is a decentralized process. Admission decisions are made by each graduate program. Therefore, specific questions regarding your application/admission should be directed to your program of interest. The Graduate College can answer general questions, but does not provide academic advising. For academic advising, contact the Graduate Program Director who oversees the program you are interested in pursuing.

If you would like to sit down to discuss the many different options offered through Missouri State University, our Coordinator of Graduate Recruitment Misty Stewart ( | 417-836-6079) can provide you with general information.

How much does it cost to apply?

The graduate application fee is $35.00 for domestic graduate applicants and $50.00 for international graduate applicants.

Are there late fees if students submit applications after application deadlines?

No. Missouri State University does not have a late fee for a late application. That being said, graduate programs with posted deadlines will generally not consider your application after their deadline has passed.

Am I eligible for a fee waiver?

The only fee waiver available is for McNair Scholars. If you are/were a McNair Scholar then you can have your McNair Scholar Coordinator email the McNair Scholar Certification paperwork to Select the McNair Scholar fee waiver on the graduate application.

Can I receive a graduate application fee refund?

No. The graduate application fee is non-refundable.

For how long are graduate applications for admission good?

Applications are only good for the semester to which you applied. Once that semester has passed the application for that semester will not be considered for admission to a future semester.

Can I defer my application?

An application term can be deferred once. The application cannot be deferred more than one year from the original application. Deferment must be requested through email.

I made a mistake on the graduate application. Can I make a change after submitting it?

No. Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Contact Graduate Admissions to request changes.

I need to change something on my graduate application. Can I make a change after submitting it?

No. Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Contact Graduate Admissions to request changes.

Can I apply to be a graduate assistant before being admitted to a graduate program?

We encourage students to wait until they are admitted into a program to apply for graduate assistantship openings.

What are the procedures to apply to a graduate program at Missouri State?

The application procedures are outlined here: 

I am a current Missouri State student. Can I access the graduate application through

Yes. Go to the Academic Tab --> Graduate College Channel or Profile Tab --> Self-Service Options --> Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Admissions.

I want to apply to more than one graduate program at Missouri State. Do I have to submit more than one application?

Yes. You will be required to submit a graduate application for each graduate program you with to pursue. You will only have to submit one application fee and one set of transcripts and test scores. Program-specific documents will have to be submitted to each graduate program.

When is the application deadline?

Application deadlines vary from program to program. Before starting your application, it is very important to check the deadlines on your academic program's page:


After You Have Submitted Your Application

 Can I check the status of my application online?

 You can check your application status through the Online Application Summary. You will use the Login ID and PIN you created to submit the application. If you are a current or past Missouri State University student, you can check your Online Application Summary through Profile tab --> Self-Service Options --> Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Admissions

 My Online Application Summary is "locked". What can I do?

 Request to have it unlocked by emailing or call 417-836-5331.

 What communication can I expect from Graduate Admissions during the application process?

Graduate Admissions sends the following emails throughout each stage of the application process:

  1. Acknowledgement Email (Sent one-two business day(s) following application submission).
  2. Sent to Department Email (Sent after evaluation has determined the minimum Graduate College admission requirements have been met).
  3. Admission Decision Email (Sent the following business day after Graduate Admissions receives admission notification by the Graduate program -- only sent if admitted).
  4. Admission Decision Letter (Mailed the same day as the Admission Decision Email is sent).

I've been admitted into the Graduate College. Does that mean I'm admitted into the graduate program to which I applied?

The Graduate College does not admit students. The Graduate College reviews each application to verify it has met the minimum Graduate College admission requirements; however, there is no admission into the Graduate College. You will not be an admitted student able to register for classes until you have been admitted by the program to which you applied.

 How do I change my graduate program?

At the graduate level each graduate program is a standalone program with individual admission requirements. You will be required to submit a new graduate application--no fee is required. You must indicate you are CHANGING programs on the application and you must submit all program-specific admission requirements to the Graduate Program Director.

Is the Graduate College application the only application I have to submit to be considered for my graduate program?

In general, most graduate programs do not have a second application. However, those that do have a second application that must also be completed are listed below.  As always, verify with the Graduate Program Director and the graduate program's website.  Search here:

MS in Applied Behavior Analysis
MS in Cell & Molecular Biology
MS in Counseling
MS in Psychology
Master of Social Work
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
Doctor of Nursing Practice

 I am already admitted in a graduate degree. How do I add a Graduate Certificate?

 Applying for a Graduate Certificate in addition to your degree program requires that you submit a new graduate application and indicate on the application that you are ADDING a program. The application fee is not required nor will you be required to submit transcripts to Graduate Admissions. However, since Graduate Certificates are standalone programs, it may be required to submit or meet program-specific admission requirements. Go to the program's webpage and review the admission requirements. Search here:

 How much does it cost to apply for an additional Graduate Certificate or to change graduate programs?

 Nothing. If you have previously applied and paid the application fee or received a waiver then an applicant need only select the most appropriate fee waiver from the list on the application.



Do you accept transcripts sent electronically?

Yes. Transcripts sent directly from the institution or through an approved third party (National Student Clearing House, Parchment, eScrip-Safe, etc.) are accepted as official. The transcripts should be sent to

To where do transcripts need to be mailed?

Missouri State University
ATTN: Graduate Admissions
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897

Can my institution fax Graduate Admissions transcripts?

Yes, but we will consider them unofficial.

If students have a copy of their official transcripts still in the sealed envelope, can they send or deliver it in person as official?

No. An official transcript must come directly from the institution without ever having been handled by the applicant or student.

How many official transcripts does someone need to send?

One copy. All transcripts are scanned and made available electronically to all Graduate Program Directors. The only exception is the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice who requests that you also submit a copy of your transcript to their Graduate Program Director.

I'm a current Missouri State University undergraduate student. Do I need to submit my Missouri State transcripts?

No. Graduate Admissions can access your official transcripts without you needing to submit an MSU transcript.

I'm a current Missouri State University undergraduate student. I previously had transcripts from other institutions sent to Missouri State for transfer work. Do I need request those transcripts be sent again?

If the transfer credit appears on your unofficial transcript in then you do not need to request to have those transcripts sent to Graduate Admissions.

I attended Missouri State University years ago. Do you still have the transcripts I previously submitted to Missouri State on file?

Submit a graduate application and wait for an evaluation to be conducted. In your Online Application Summary we will mark transcripts we have on file as COMPLETE. Items listed as NEEDED will need to be sent.

Can I include my transcripts in a manila envelope and mail them to Graduate Admissions?

Transcripts submitted by the applicant will not be considered official. Official transcripts must come directly from the institution.

Should I send transcripts before submitting a graduate application?

No. We recommend that you submit a graduate application then submit transcripts. In this way, there is less chance of transcripts becoming misplaced.


Program-Specific Admission Requirements

When applying, how do I know what my department requires?

Review your academic program's page to review all admission requirements:

Are GRE or GMAT scores required?

The GRE or GMAT are not required by the Graduate College. However, about half of all graduate programs do require GRE or GMAT scores. Review your graduate program's admission requirements to verify. Search here:

What institution code do I use to submit the GRE or GMAT to Missouri State University?

  • GRE - Institution code 6665 (Note: All GRE scores are sent to Graduate Admissions. Our office will share them with each graduate program to which you have applied).
  • GMAT -
Accountancy - 9KQ-9D-36
Cybersecurity - 9KQ-9D-59
Defense and Strategic Studies - 9KQ-9D-43
Global Studies - 9KQ-9D-06
Health Administration - 9KQ-9D-76
Master of Business Administration- 9KQ-9D-60
Professional Studies - 9KQ-9D-93
Project Management - 9KQ-9D-74
Public Administration - 9KQ-9D-53

Am I eligible for a GMAT/GRE Waiver?

The GRE and GMAT can only be waived by the Graduate Program Director of the program to which an applicant has applied. In cases where the GRE is required by the Graduate College because the applicant does not meet the minimum Graduate College admission requirements, the GRE cannot be waived.

How will I know if you have received my GRE/GMAT score?

You can check which items have been reiceved through the Online Application Summary. You will use the Login ID and PIN you created to submit the application. If you are a current or past Missouri State University student, you can check your Online Application Summary through Profile tab --> Self-Service Options --> Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Admissions

Who sends the requests to the recommenders?

The applicant must request that the letter of recommendation be sent. The Graduate College does not contact recommenders.

How do my recommenders submit their letters of recommendation?

Each graduate program handles letters of recommendation differently. You should contact the Graduate Program Director to ask how each program would like to receive letters of recommendation.

Can the recommendations be sent by paper or pdf file?

This is at the program's discretion. Please contact your academic program directly.

To whom do I send my Letters of Recommendation, Writing Sample, Teacher Certification documentation, etc?

All program-specific admission requirements such as letters of recommendation, writing sample, teacher ceritifcation documentation, go directly to the Graduate Program Director of the program to which you applied. You can find the Graduate Program Director's contact information on the program's webpage. Search here:

I am changing graduate programs. Can Graduate Admissions forward my letters of recommendation to the new Graduate Program Director?

No. Graduate Admissions does not handle letters of recommendation or any program-specific admission requirements. You will have to contact the Graduate Program Director to whom you originally had the documents sent to inquire as to whether he/she might forward your documents to the new program.


Readmit Graduate Students

How much does it cost to complete a readmit graduate application?

Nothing. The readmit graduate application is free. We are just updating your biographical information and notifying the university of your intent to return to finish a program or to start a new program.

I have not attended Missouri State University for more than one year as a graduate student. How do I get readmitted?

Readmission to your program after an absence of one year or more requires that you submit a Readmit Graduate application in order to update biographical information and notify the university of your intent to return. The Readmit Graduate application can be found through the application portal here:

I am a returning graduate student. Do I have to resubmit my transcripts?

This will depend. We recommend that you submit your application and await our evaluation. After one to two business days your Online Application Summary will identify which items are needed.

I would like to reapply for admission. Can I reuse any items from my previous application?

Yes. Transcripts still on file can be reused though a new graduate application must be submitted. Test scores still on file can be used assuming they are not expired or assuming they are expired but the Graduate Program Director chooses to accept them as expired. Program-specific items (i.e. letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc.) must be resubmitted to the new program.