Department of Geography, Geology and Planning

Program Description

The program of study is designed to provide professional training and develop scholarly analytical skills in Geography and Geology with applications in one of four options:  1) Geography; 2) Geology; 3) Geospatial Science; or 4) Planning.  This program emphasizes the integration of the theoretical frameworks of Geography and Geology and Geospatial Science principles.  By combining these areas, students will be able to address research problems regarding environmental issues and resource management. 

The core curriculum consists of course work in Geographic Information Science (GIS), Digital Simulation and Visualization techniques,  and research methods, both written and oral.  Students are encouraged to develop, with their advisors, a program that fits their individual talents and goals.  The department recommends that students choose a research concentration in Geography, Geology, Geospatial Science, or Planning.  If a student intends to pursue research outside these concentration areas, he/she should contact the program director (and prospective advisor, if possible) before applying to the program.  Admission is granted to students with demonstrated academic competencies who are interested in a professional career in geography or geology.

Funding for graduate students in Geography and Geology is available through application for competitive graduate assistantships which carry both a stipend and fee waiver.  Applications for graduate assistantships should be submitted directly to the Graduate Program Director in the Department of Geography, Geology and Planning.  Additional graduate assistantships may also be available through listings by other departments and offices.


Department head

Toby Dogwiler


Temple Hall, Room 363