Transfer Credit Policy

Op3.19-7 Graduate Transfer Credit

On a case-by-case basis, Missouri State may accept graduate credit earned at other regionally accredited institutions or well-established international institutions. Acceptance of transfer credits on a graduate program occurs through recommendation of the student's advisor and approval of the Graduate College. Transfer hours may count for up to 30% of the required hours for a degree. This policy applies whether the credit is being applied to an original graduate degree or to a second degree earned simultaneously or subsequently. As with all credits applied toward a graduate degree, transfer credits must have been earned within the eight-year time limit for a degree program. Grades on transfer courses accepted in the degree program are included in the overall graduate grade point average. 

Collaborative Agreements 

The limitation on transfer credit may be superseded when the university develops a collaborative agreement with another institution for delivery of an academic program. In cases where Missouri State University shares program responsibility with another institution, both institutions may teach courses that might be applied to a degree program.