Fees and Registration

Costs and fees

For detailed information on tuition, student services fees, enrollment fees, supplemental course fees, and other fees, refer to the Detailed Costs and Fees website. Also refer to the Refund Policy for refund deadlines and appeal for exceptions.

Registration procedures

The University uses a continuous registration system which allows currently enrolled and readmitted students to register well in advance of the beginning of the semester. For detailed registration information, refer to the Office of the Registrar's Registration web site.

Students registering for the first time must apply for admission and be admitted prior to registering. To apply online, refer to the Graduate Student Admissions website. The procedure for readmission of a graduate student who has not maintained continuous enrollment (summer excluded) is based on the period of absence. Exceptions to this are students in the DPT, MPH and the MS in CSD, COU, ITC, PAS, PSY, and Nurse Anesthesia programs. Refer to the Graduate Student Admissions website for detailed on readmission.

A student is not officially registered for classes until all fees have been paid in full, the student is enrolled in the Deferred Payment Plan, or the student has been awarded financial aid.

No student is permitted to attend a class unless the student's name appears on the class roll or an official change of schedule has been processed.

A "Hold" may prevent registration.

Senior permission and mixed credit forms

There are two special circumstances allowing an undergraduate student to enroll for graduate credit. A “Senior Permission” form is used by senior undergraduate students wishing to take 600- and above level courses that will count for graduate credit. This form must be completed at the time of registration and submitted in person to a registration center. Please note that courses designated for graduate credit will NOT apply to the undergraduate program. For more information, see Senior Permission listed under Graduate College: Special Academic Opportunities.

Undergraduate students accepted into an Accelerated Master’s Program need to complete a “Mixed Credit” form for courses that will be utilized to satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. This form must be submitted in person to a registration center. For more information, see Accelerated Masters listed under Graduate College: Special Academic Opportunities.


No more than five credit hours of graduate course work completed in workshops may be applied to the minimum hours required for a masters degree.