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Certificate in College Teaching

Nicole West, Program Director
Hill Hall, Room 303; Phone: 417-836-5223

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching provides a 10 hour graduate-level experience that will prepare students for entry-level- college teaching at a community college or in preparation of teaching assignments in graduate or doctoral programs. Certificate courses provide for the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for adult learning such as effective teaching methods, strategies for both the traditional and online classroom, the faculty member's role in curriculum development, strategies that improve student success at the college level, digital technology in the college classroom, and other topical issues in higher education. Students will complete a college teaching practicum as part of this certificate program.

Entrance criteria

To be considered for the program, a prospective student must meet the admission requirements for a Graduate Certificate at Missouri State University.

Required courses (10 hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SFR 676 Topical Issues in Education 3 hrs
EDT 660
EDT 761
Digital-Age Learning Environments
Online Teaching and Pedagogy
3 hrs
SFR 621 Techniques for Teaching Adults 3 hrs
SFR 698 College Teaching Practicum 1 hr

Completion requirement

Students must meet program and certificate completion requirements set forth by Missouri State University's Graduate College.