Crime Prevention

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Certificate in Crime Prevention

William Sandel, Certificate Advisor
Strong Hall 330B

Program description

Crime Prevention is one of the most important objectives in the criminal justice system (CJS). This is a topic that spans both the public and private sectors in addition to the community. Many of the current policies in the criminal justice system work towards reducing crime by: 1) preventing it from occurring in the first place using environmental and social design (primary crime prevention), 2) focusing on high risk populations (secondary crime prevention), and 3) attempting to deter offenders from committing more crime in the future (tertiary crime prevention). This certificate focuses on the different levels of crime preventions and the evidence-based practices for their success.

Admissions criteria

To be considered for the program, a student must have a 2,75 grade point average. Students who do not meet this criterion, but demonstrate potential for success through career experience, may be admitted at the discretion of the Certificate Advisor. Admission to this certificate program does not constitute admission to any other Missouri State University graduate program.

Required courses - 12 hours total

Required courses
Course(s) Area of Study Credit Hours
CRM 720 Crime Theory and Policy 3 hrs
CRM 751 Applied Evidence-Based Practices in Policing 3 hrs
CRM 772 Applied Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections 3 hrs
CRM 777 Crime Prevention in the Modern Age 3 hrs