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Certificate in Literacy

Kayla Lewis, Program Director
Hill Hall, Room 209; Phone 417-836-4196

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Literacy provides a 12-hour graduate-level experience for several groups of students: those working on Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Special Reading Teacher, K-12, certification-only coursework; those in other graduate programs who want to add additional literacy (LTC) coursework as an emphasis area; those who already have a master's degree but want to add the DESE Special Reading Teacher, K-12, certification; or those in other situations where additional literacy coursework would allow them to qualify for a new position in the field of education. The certificate programs provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for supporting teachers and students. This certificate is a Missouri State University Certificate and does not meet Missouri's DESE Certification requirements for teaching.

Entrance criteria

To be considered for the program, a student submit a Graduate Application for admission to the certificate program.

Certificate Requirements

There are no required courses for the certificate because students are at all levels of need. Students may choose from the list of LTC courses below:

Courses listed below meet DESE Special Reading Teacher, K-12, certification requirements:
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LTC 640 Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Literacy 3 hrs
LTC 673 Psychology of Global Literacies 3 hrs
LTC 680 Successful Classroom Communities to Enhance Student Learning 3 hrs
LTC 685 Techniques of Responsive Support in the Literacy Classroom 3 hrs
LTC 700 Relationship of Language to Literacy and Intellectual Development 3 hrs
LTC 710 Content Area Literacy 3 hrs
LTC 780 Assessment Procedures for the Literacy Specialist 3 hrs
LTC 781 Assessment of Literacy Problems (must be taken concurrently with LTC 782) 3 hrs
LTC 782 Remediation of Literacy Problems 3 hrs
Additional LTC courses below may, also, be used to complete the 12 hours requirement (as needed):
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LTC 660 Diversity Issues in Literacy and Content Area Instruction 3 hrs
LTC 665 Cultural Diversity in Literacy & Instruction: Classrooms & Community 3 hrs
LTC 740 Issues and Trends in Literacy Education 3 hrs
LTC 770 Curriculum Design in Literacy 3 hrs

GPA Requirement

Students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate course work at Missouri State University