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Certificate in Teacher Leadership

Krista Tate, Program Director
Hill Hall, Room 207

Program description

The certificate is designed for those teachers who want to improve their own practice and develop teacher leadership skills and understandings, but who do not want to pursue the complete Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership. To earn the certificate in Teacher Leadership, students must follow the admission procedures for the Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership (see SETL graduate catalog description). Please note: This certificate in Teacher Leadership does not prepare (or certify) teachers to work as a building principal.

Entrance requirements

To be considered for the program, a student submit a Graduate Application for admission to the certificate program.

Required Courses - 18 hrs

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDC 800 Teacher Leadership I: Contemporary Educational Problems 5 hrs
EDC 801 Teacher Leadership II: Diversity and Curriculum Design 5 hrs
EDC 802 Teacher Leadership III: Building Classroom Climate & Effective Student Assessments 5 hrs
EDC 803 Teacher Leadership IV: Curriculum Theory 3 hrs