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Graduate programs

Master of Science in Education, Educational Technology

Ching-Wen Chang, Program Director
Hill Hall, Room 420; Phone 417-836-5353

Program description

This interdisciplinary program is designed to accommodate individuals with various areas of professional interest in the field of educational technology and instructional design. Candidates include those interested in becoming technology coaches, specialists, or technology coordinators; school library media specialists; classroom teachers who wish to improve their technology skills; and individuals from higher education, medical, corporate, or other professional fields.

English Proficiency requirements for international students

Proof of the proficiency in English is required if the primary language is not English. Op5.09-4 English Proficiency

Program admission requirements

To be admitted to the Educational Technology degree program, the student must apply through the GradCAS system and meet Graduate College admission requirements.

Accelerated Master's Degree Option- M.S.Ed. Educational Technology

The M.S.Ed. Educational Technology Accelerated Master's degree option provides exceptional Missouri State University undergraduate students the opportunity to enroll in a combined baccalaureate and master's degree program.

Eligible majors may apply for preliminary acceptance into the M.S.Ed. Educational Technology Program after admission requirements for the Accelerated Master's option have been satisfied. Once accepted, students will be able to take up to 12 hours of graduate-level Educational Technology courses that apply to both their undergraduate and graduate programs. Before enrolling in courses to be counted for both undergraduate and graduate credit. An undergraduate student must be admitted into the Accelerated Master's Program and complete the Mixed Credit Form (which requires approval from the Educational Technology Program Director, the Department Head of the Undergraduate Major/Minor and the Dean of the Graduate College). A student will be fully admitted to the Graduate College upon the completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

Admission Requirements:

Junior standing, with an overall GPA of 3.00.

Graduate Coursework in EDT Taken by Undergraduates and Accepted into the Accelerated Master's Option:

EDT 665; EDT 662; EDT 660 and LTC 660 or LTC 665 or LTC 673.  Other courses may be substituted with approval from EDT Program Director.

Students must complete the additional course requirements and number of required hours as listed in the result M.S.Ed. Educational Technology degree.

Required Courses - 33 hours

Research Requirement - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours

EDT 797

Research Methods for Educational Technology  3 hrs

Diversity Requirements - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
LTC 660
LTC 665
LTC 673
Diversity Issues in Literacy & Content Area Instruction
Cultural Diversity Literacy & Instruction: Classrooms & Community
Psychology of Gloabal Literacies
3 hrs

Required Educational Technology Courses - 21 hrs

The degree program requires seven core Educational Technology courses. These courses provide a foundation of competencies considered valuable for all areas of professional interest in the field of educational technology.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDT 660 Digital-Age Learning Environments 3 hrs
EDT 665 Selection and Utilization of Educational Technology 3 hrs
EDT 761 Online Teaching and Pedagogy 3 hrs
EDT 763 Administration of Educational Technology 3 hrs
EDT 764 Instructional Design 3 hrs
EDT 765 Educational Media Production 3 hrs
EDT 766 Trends and Practices in Educational Technology 3 hrs
Electives - 6 hrs

Applicable technology courses in the College of Education.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDT 630 Technology Systems Management & Maintenance 3 hrs
EDT 645 Building Blocks for Coding in an Educational Setting 3 hrs
EDT 662 Educational Applications of Computers in the Classroom 3 hrs
EDT 690 Topical Issues in Educational Technology 1-6 hrs
EDT 767 Educational Technology Practicum 2 hrs
EDT 777 Problems in Educational Technology 1-3 hrs
EDT 798 Research Seminar in Educational Technology 3 hrs
EDT 799 Educational Technology Thesis 3-6 hrs

Other electives, including electives from outside the department, which coincide with the interests of the student, may be added at the discretion of the Program Director.

Comprehensive Examination

A Comprehensive Examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be granted. A description of the content and format of this examination is available from the Educational Technology Program Director.

XF Policy

High standards of professional conduct are required for admission to the Master of Science Program in Educational Technology (EDT) and the EDT Graduate Certificate Programs. A student assigned a grade of XF while studying toward completion of the EDT Master's or Graduate Certificate Programs will be removed from the program(s) at the end of that semester if the XF grade remains assigned after due process.