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Certificate in Health Programming

Melinda Novik, Program Coordinator
Phone: 417-836-3168

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in Health Programming provides a 12-hour graduate level academic experience. The program involves an in depth study of the methods, theory, approaches and evaluation strategies to health education programs for those that are already working in the field but do not have advanced academic preparation as well as those planning to enter related health fields. All coursework must be approved by the program director. Students must choose the certificate option prior to completing coursework and may not retroactively choose the certificate option based on unsatisfactory progress in the Health Promotion and Wellness Management Master’s Degree option.

Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  2. A cumulative GPA (of all coursework) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
  3. Two or more years of experience in the health field (to be determined by the graduate program director)
  4. Submission of a professional statement of work experience and current resume

Program requirements

Required courses (6 hrs)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
HLH 750 Programming Approaches in Wellness/Health Promotion 3 hrs
HLH 760 Health Promotion Planning 3 hrs
Complete two courses from the following list (6 hrs)
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
HLH 700 Research Methods 3 hrs
HLH 710 Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness Management 3 hrs
HLH 752 Health Risk Identification and Management 3 hrs
KIN 650 Organization and Administration for the Kinesiology Professional 3 hrs
KIN 667 Physical and Leisure Activities for the Aging Adult 3 hrs
KIN 705 Applied Statistics in Kinesiology 3 hrs
KIN 755 Fitness as Preventative Medicine 3 hrs
HLH 682 Motivational Interviewing for Health Professionals 3 hrs

Requirements for completion of certificate

  1. Maintain a 3.00 GPA on all coursework used toward the certificate. No course with a grade of D+ or below can be used for the program.
  2. Completion of all advisor-approved coursework.
  3. Successful completion of comprehensive examinations.