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Graduate programs

Certificate in Marketing Analytics

Ismet Anitsal, Graduate Program Director
Glass Hall, Room 238; Phone: 417-836-5413

Elizabeth Reger, Graduate Program Coordinator
Glass Hall, Room 105; Phone: 417-836-5616

Program description

This certificate is designed to provide students with a set of skills for collecting, editing and analyzing marketing data.


Candidates for the certificate program must be admitted to the University as a graduate student. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and meet minimum admission criteria for the Master of Business Administration program. All course work must be approved by the MBA Program Director.

Required courses (12 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MKT 670 Marketing Analytics 3 hrs


MKT 610 OR

MKT 790 OR

ITC 655 OR

QBA 775

Choose 3 courses from the list below:

Digital and Social Media Marketing OR

Seminar in Marketing OR

Data Visualization OR

Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making

9 hrs

GPA requirement

Students must have a B or better grade in each course.