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Certificate In Public Management

David E A Johnson, Certificate Program Director
Strong Hall, Room 328; Phone 417-836-6956

Program description

The Certificate in Public Management (CPM) is a postbaccalaureate program designed to enable practitioners in government and non-profit organizations to acquire knowledge and skills in public administration without pursuing a full master’s degree. This is an ideal academic program for individuals working in mid-level jobs who have not previously received professional training in public administration. While the focus is on the public sector, the courses teach leadership and problem solving skills that apply to the non-profit sector as well.

The CPM requires a total of 18 hours of graduate credits involving a mix of required and elective credits. The courses are the same as those offered to MPA students. The courses must be completed within four years of admission into the program. The program does not require a comprehensive examination, area of concentration, or a capstone research requirement.

Admission to the MPA program from CPM

Admission to and successful completion of the CPM in no way guarantees admission to the MPA program.  Admission requirements include a 3.00 overall grade point average and three letters of recommendation.  Students who are enrolled in or have completed the CPM must apply separately for admission to the MPA and comply with the MPA admission standards and the requirements of the Graduate College, including completion of the GRE.

The CPM is designed for persons in management positions who need a limited number of selected courses in contemporary methods, skills, and models of management.  On occasion, however, a person may pursue the CPM and then decide that it would be desirable to pursue the MPA degree.  All CPM credits may be applied to the MPA.

Requests for information

For information about the Graduate Programs in Public Administration, please contact:  Patrick Scott, MPA Program Director, Department of Political Science, Missouri State University, 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield MO 65897.  (

Admission deadlines

Application packages should be received by the program office one month prior to the semester you wish to begin. Students may begin the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.

Completion requirements

Students must have an overall grade point average of 3.00 for completion of the certificate program.

Required courses - 18 hours total

Required Core - 12 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PLS 752 Public Personnel Management 3 hrs
PLS 753 Management Techniques and Organizational Behavior 3 hrs
PLS 756 Budgeting and Financial Management for State and Local Government 3 hrs
PLS 771 Seminar in Public Administration 3 hrs
Elective Methodology Courses: (Choose 1) - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PLS 673 Policy Analysis 3 hrs
PLS 676 Quantitative Methods of Political Science and Public Policy 3 hrs
PLS 762 Public Policy and Program Evaluation 3 hrs
Concentration Subfields (Choose 1) - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PLS 754 Seminar in Health Policy 3 hrs
PLS 685 Public Policy for a Global Environment 3 hrs
PLS 759 Seminar in Administrative Management and Organizational Theory 3 hrs
PLS 760 Management of Intergovernmental Relations 3 hrs
PLN 671 Land Use Planning 3 hrs
PLN 704 Community Resource Planning 3 hrs