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Certificate in Public Safety

James Kaatz
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Program description

The certificate in public safety provides a 12 hour graduate-level experience for people working or desiring to work in the field of public safety. This program provides a grounding in the basic services of public safety agencies and then the opportunity to explore the federal level of homeland security or exploring other complimentary disciplines that may suit their interests and career path.

The curriculum is structured around key public safety services and planning. Each course prepares students to master core issues, principles, and problem-solving approaches that can be applied to specific challenges confronting their jurisdictions or sponsoring organizations.

Admission criteria

Admission to the certificate program requires a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, a 3.00 overall grade point average, and three letters of recommendation. Admission is open to qualified persons without regard to age, physical disability, national origin, race, religion, or gender.

Selection is made based on prior academic performance, professional accomplishments, and other indicators of the ability to successfully pursue graduate education and a professional career in public management.

Students who do not meet the normal admission requirements, but who show an indication of high promise, will be considered for probationary admission. The Director of the MPA program will define probationary conditions and convey those to the student.

Students enrolling in this certificate as a part of the MPA program must also apply for the certificate in addition to the MPA.

Required courses - 12 hours total

Required courses - 6 hours
Course(s) Area of Study Credit Hours
PLS 772 Introduction to Public Safety Services 3 hrs
PLS 773 Hazard Analysis, Mitigation and Preparedness 3 hrs
Elective courses - 6 hours

Choose 6 hours from the following courses.

Course(s) Area of Study Credit Hours
PLS 719 Strategic Planning & Organizational Imperatives in Homeland Security 3 hrs
PLS 717 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security 3 hrs
GLG 647 Water Resources 3 hrs
GRY 731 Environmental Assessment 3 hrs
CRM 740 Foundations of Homeland Defense and Security 3 hrs