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Certificate in School Counseling

Karrie Swan, Program Director
Park Central Office Building Room 132
Phone 417-836-8526

Program description

The Graduate Certificate in School Counseling provides a 19-hour graduate-level experience for students in counseling, counselors, and other mental health professionals who are interested in the practice of school counseling. The program provides for acquisition of specific knowledge, skills, and supervised practice necessary for understanding and practicing school counseling, and draws on research-based based principles and findings. The certificate is designed to provide coursework necessary to pursue elementary and secondary school counseling certification in the state of Missouri and potentially other states. The certificate alone does not satisfy the requirements for MO state certification. Possession of a Masters degree from a counseling program (typically taken concurrently to the coursework in this certificate) is also needed. Additional prerequisite coursework and/or other qualifications may be necessary in individual instances.

Admission Criteria

To be considered for the program, a student must have a 3.0 grade point average as well as apply and be admitted to or in possession of the Masters in Counseling or a closely related Graduate Degree. Students who do not meet the normal admission requirements, but who show an indication of high promise, will be considered for probationary admission. The program faculty, or their designee, will define probationary conditions. Admission to the certificate program does not constitute admission to any other Missouri State University graduate program.

Required Courses - 19 hours

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
COU 703 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice in School and Mental Health Counseling 3 hrs
COU 704 Introduction to School Counseling 3 hrs
COU 708 Play Therapy and Child Counseling Techniques 3 hrs
COU 716 Adolescent and Young Adult Counseling in School and Mental Health Settings 1 hr
COU 779 School Counseling Practicum 3 hrs
COU 781 Secondary School Counseling Internship 3 hrs
COU 783 Elementary School Counseling Internship 3 hrs
Total 19 hrs