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Graduate programs

Certificate in Teaching of College Composition

Rhonda Stanton, Graduate Director
Siceluff Hall, Room 209
Phone 417-836-6511

Admission criteria

A Bachelor's degree is required.  All additional University and Graduate College requirements for admission to a graduate certificate program.

Required courses (12 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Choose one 3 hour Teaching Course from list below:  
ENG 629 Composition and Rhetoric in High School and Junior College 3 hrs
ENG 703 Practicum in Teaching Composition 3 hrs
ENG 704 Teaching Writing Online 3 hrs
ENG 770  The Teaching of Technical and Professional Writing 3 hrs
ENG 797 Advanced Practicum in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 3 hrs
  Choose one 3 hour Writing Course from list below:  
ENG 604 Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction 3 hrs
ENG 631 Writing for Teachers 3 hrs
ENG 639 Advanced Writing for Children and Young Adults 3 hrs
ENG 664 Place-Conscious Reading and Writing 3 hrs
ENG 672 Writing Grant Proposals 3 hrs
  Choose one 3 hour Theory Course from list below:  
ENG 623 Writing Center Theory and Practice 3 hrs
ENG 627 History of Rhetoric 3 hrs
ENG 628 Rheteorics for the 21st Century

3 hrs

ENG 691 Linguistic Theory 3 hrs
ENG 695 Principles of Second Language Acquisition 3 hrs
ENG 720 Seminar:  Composition Theory 3 hrs
ENG 721 Theory of Basic Writing 3 hrs
ENG 722 Literacy Theory and Composition 3 hrs
ENG 725 Seminar: Compositon and Rhetoric 3 hrs
ENG 792 Linguistics in Rhetoric and Composition 3 hrs
  Choose one 3 hour Elective graduate-level English Course:  

Students may not count the same course more than once within the certificate program itself. Students may count any of the courses listed above that have been taken as part of the requirements for the M.A. in English, the M.A. in Writing, or the M.S. in English Education.


Completion requirements

Courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA for successful completion of certificate.