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Vision, Mission, and Value Statements


The College of Business at Missouri State University is one of the leading business schools in the Midwest.


The Missouri State University College of Business is committed to effectively developing educated persons in the business disciplines at the undergraduate and master's level to prepare them for successful careers as managers and professionals. We will be accomplish this mission by providing students with a broad understanding of public affairs, and with knowledge, skills and values to succeed and adapt in a global economy. Essential to achieving this mission is providing high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs delivered through excellent teaching and student engagement, and producing quality intellectual contributions that advance knowledge of business and management theory, practice, and/or learning pedagogy. We also seek to build effective partnerships with global institutions, industry, the public, and our colleagues.

Shared Values and Guiding Principles

  • We value ethical behavior and integrity. We believe in consistently practicing honesty, integrity, and professional ethics in all aspects of the work we do. We believe it is important to promote ethical behavior and integrity in our students, faculty, administrators and staff.
  • We value personal interaction with students and a student-centered learning environment. We believe in providing a high quality, high-touch, personalized educational environment that facilitates learning through students’ interactions with faculty, staff and administrators. We believe it is important to instill a commitment to lifelong learning in our students.
  • We value our faculty, staff and administrators. We believe in nurturing and supporting a collegial environment for faculty, staff and administrators that is supportive of our individual and collective educational efforts. We recognize, support and applaud differing viewpoints and we strive to maintain a decision-making process that considers alternative views before decisions are made. We embrace the university's Long Range Plan sentiment that "What makes Missouri State special is the people."
  • We value diversity of all types. We believe that diversity and inclusiveness enrich the educational experience for our students, prompt personal growth, strengthen the community and workplace, and promote cultural competence.
  • We value scholarship and the production of intellectual contributions that contribute knowledge and understanding to the broader business and academic communities. We believe our scholarship should be directed at discovery of new ideas and applying knowledge to support improvement in business, community well-being and educational processes.
  • We value our community and our region. We believe in developing programs that support our community and region. As the largest College of Business in the region and as a state-supported institution, we strive to provide organizations with serious, well-prepared students and to make available various support functions to help businesses to be more successful in their dynamic environments.
  • We value continuous improvement. We believe in individual and collective efforts that support the College mission; we will strive for continuous improvement. By committing to continuous improvement over time, we will take areas that need attention and ultimately make them strengths, and take existing strengths and further increase the College’s points of differential advantage.