Ozark Studies

Graduate programs

Certificate in Ozarks Studies

Brooks Blevins, Certificate Advisor
Strong Hall, Room 435; Phone 417-836-5914

Review the following Program Costs and Potential Occupations (Gainful Employment Disclosure)

Program description

The interdisciplinary certificate in Ozarks Studies provides a 15-hour graduate-level experience in the diverse social, environmental, and cultural features of the Ozarks region.  The certificate is designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to advance their careers or to continue a life of learning about the region.

Admission criteria

A student must be admitted to the Graduate College and have all course work approved by the Program Director. 

Required courses (15 hours total)

Note:  All courses taken for the Certificate in Ozarks Studies require work  focusing on the Ozarks.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
HST 796 Readings in History  1-3 hrs
GRY 697 Special Topics in Geography  1-5 hrs
ENG 683 Themes in Folkloristics  3 hrs

Plus a minimum of 3 hours taken from:

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
GRY 696 Topical Issues in Education 1-5 hrs
GRY 610 Applications in Sustainability Geotourism 3 hrs
PLN 674 Open Space Planning 3 hrs

Plus a minimum of 3 hours taken from:       

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ANT 795 Directed Readings in Anthropology   1-3 hrs
SOC 697 Directed Readings in Sociology  1-3 hrs

Completion requirements

During the semester preceding completion of the certificate, student must submit for review a portfolio containing 2 (two) copies of all Ozarks focused assignments completed for the certificate.  Portfolios will be given a “pass,” “request for further information”, or “fail” by the Ozarks Studies Committee.  Courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA.