Graduate College Scholarship Opportunities

Financial Need-Based Scholarship for Graduate Students

Application deadlines are as follows and due prior to the beginning of the semester you are admitted for:

Fall semester: June 1
Spring semester: November 15
Summer session: April 1
  • This scholarship carries an award of $1000 per semester.
  • Recipients must be recent graduates who received (or were eligible to receive) Pell grants.
  • This scholarship can be renewed for the two semesters immediately following the initial semester (including summer.)

 Additional scholarships available:

  • Continue the Tradition Program
  • Midwest Student Exchange Program
  • Basil and JoAnn Boritzki Scholarship
  • Aileen and Keith Ford Scholarship
  • MOGO Scholarship
  • Graduate Assitanships

For more information and to apply please visit  Financial Aid.