Interdisciplinary Forum - Abstract Submission

To participate in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum, you must submit your abstract using the form below by noon on April 10, 2018.

Your abstract should contain these key elements: purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions. Attend one of our abstract workshops for more writing tips.

Tips for submitting your abstract

  • Gain your advisor’s approval before submitting your abstract.
  • Type your information and abstract into the form. Do not copy and paste from Word as simple punctuation will get lost due to hidden coding in Microsoft Word.
  • Review the draft abstract provided to you by the Graduate College for any errors and to correct punctuation and symbols.
  • Email a copy of your abstract to Dr. Tom Tomasi after submitting it online, if it requires special fonts like subscripts, superscripts, italics or bold.
  • Your title can be no more than 175 characters and the body of the abstract can be no more than 1,400 characters.
1000 characters remaining.
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If you are unsure of the category which you should be placed in, please leave blank. If performance presentation is selected, do not select a category.

If you are doing a poster, please select the option "poster board presentation."

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