International Travel Awards


The purpose of international travel must be to “advance the university mission, in a manner related to the research of the faculty member”, and the awarding of funds will depend in part on what is being done on the trip. The emphasis of this funding is for the sharing of research.


            Eligible Faculty:  Full-time, permanent, faculty actively involved in research.  Preference may be given to junior faculty for whom the trip is more likely to advance their careers. 

Faculty members having received an International Travel Award for a previous trip will only become eligible to receive additional funding for travel that starts at least one year from the date that they submit the post-trip report (see below). When funding is scarce, applications from those who have recently received funding will be a lower priority.

A member of the International Travel Awards Committee is eligible to apply for a travel award; in this case an interim committee member from his or her College will be selected to replace the regular committee member for the round of competition in which he or she applies.

            Eligible Activities:  Presentation of original completed research/creative activities or program participation (panelist, discussant, etc.) at a conference, performance, exhibition, or other invited event.  Only one trip is permitted per proposal/application.

            Eligible Expenses:  Conference fees, air and ground transit, lodging, meals (subject to University limits and rules). Applicants should specify the number of nights and cost per night for lodging, and the number of days and per diem for food.  Funds can be used for up-front costs or reimbursement, in compliance with University regulations and policies.


The maximum International Travel award provided by the Provost (as administered by the Graduate College) will be the lesser of:  $2,000 or 2) equal to the amount of funding commitment from the faculty members' college/school and the department.   Funding from external grants and other sources will not be considered as adequate college/school and department funding.  The Committee will not consider more/less favorably other concurrent University support (e.g., sabbatical leave, research grants) in evaluating proposals.


Applications will be due in the Graduate College on January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15, and must be for one trip only.   Notification of awards will generally be less than one month after each deadline.  Applications will be accepted no more than one year prior to the conference/activity and applicants should plan ahead and apply early since applications will not be accepted for travel that has been initiated before the deadline.  No applications will be considered between the deadlines.  To meet these deadlines, applications can be submitted prior to faculty members knowing whether their presentations will be approved or not.

The application form for an International Travel Award shall include:  a short description of the event; a statement from department head explaining how attending will "advance the university mission in a manner related to the research of the faculty", and how this will help advance the applicant's research agenda; and a commitment of department and college funding.  If the applicant is traveling to more than one location during the trip, the applicant must detail the costs associated with each location.  If more than one applicant (two or more traveling together on one trip) the costs for each applicant must be clearly detailed for the committee's review and should be submitted as separate applications.

The applicant is responsible for making sure that the application has been approved by his/her Department Head and College Dean, and ensuring it is submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline.  Once the application has been approved at the department and college level, then it will be sent electronically to the Graduate College.  This is done by emailing a PDF of the application for the International Travel Award with all supporting materials (letter of acceptance, budget information, etc) in one compiled document to Lisa Taylor, Assistant to the Dean at  The applicant will need to check the status of their application before the deadline to make sure it has been processed at the department and college level and submitted to the Graduate College timely.  For questions regarding the application, contact Lisa Taylor in the Graduate College (836-5388).

Access the Application Form


These awards will be administered by the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College and approved by the Provost prior to awards being made. Applications will be submitted electronically to the Graduate College.  The International Travel Awards Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College and the Provost.

Funding for awardees, up to the amount identified by the International Travel Awards Committee, will be transferred from the Graduate College budget to the academic unit once the reimbursement has been made to the traveler for ALL the committed funds (from the department/school; academic college).  Funds can be used for up-front costs or reimbursement, in compliance with University regulations and policies.  This will be demonstrated to the Graduate College by way of a budget report showing the amount(s) taken out of the academic unit’s budget for the reimbursement.  It is the responsibility of the Department Head to ensure that these funds are applied to the correct budget.

Acceptance of funding indicates that the recipient agrees to the following:

  • Be available to give a campus presentation within 1 year
  • Be willing to serve on the International Travel Committee, if asked, within 3 years


Within 30 days following the trip a final report must be submitted to the Graduate College. At a minimum, the report will include the following:

  • Name, date and location of event
  • Title of presentation(s), and documentation that participation was part of the event schedule (acceptance letter if not provided upon application, copy of conference program page, etc.).
  • Estimated number of persons attending the presentation
  • Citation of published abstract (if available)
  • Connection to any anticipated publication containing elements of the presentation
  • Attached abstract