Application Procedures

Apply online

The online system allows you to perform the following tasks: apply and pay your fee; return to complete a saved application; check the status of your application; and change or add a graduate program.

  1. Find your program

    We offer more than 100 graduate options.

  2. Review the Graduate Catalog & Application Directions

    See the Graduate Catalog to review the admission requirements for your program of interest. See the Graduate Application Directions.

    International Students: Visit international services for additional admission requirements.

  3. Register for required tests

    Check with your program and the test requirements section of the Graduate Catalog for any standardized tests requirements. Registration for any needed tests can be made through the appropriate testing agency.

    GRE school code: 6665

  4. Request transcripts

    Ask for transcripts showing your bachelor's degree course work and any graduate-level work to be sent, if you completed your undergraduate degree at a school other than Missouri State. Electronic transcripts are accepted when sent to through a clearinghouse or university’s Registrar. NOTE: Transcripts are not considered official unless they are received directly from the institution where the coursework was completed. A transcript that is hand-delivered by a student is considered unofficial even if it does have a seal from the institution or received in an unopened envelope. In addition, students sending transcripts while coursework for a bachelor's degree is in progress will need to send another official copy showing that they have been awarded a bachelor's degree.

  5. Gather additional required materials

    Check the application requirements for your specific program to see if additional materials are required. Commonly requested items include:

    • Letters of recommendation
    • Résumé
    • Departmental or program application

    These items should be sent directly to the program to which you are applying

  6. Submit graduate application materials

    Submit your application and fee online. Send your transcripts and test scores to:

    Missouri State University
    Graduate College
    901 S. National
    Springfield, MO 65897

    Remember to send additional program-specific materials directly to your program.

What to expect after submitting your application

After the Graduate College receives your application materials, they will be evaluated to determine if you fulfill the admission requirements. Please allow five business days for initial application review. You can check your application status online through our application system.

If you meet admission requirements

Your application will be forwarded on to your program for an admission decision. The program’s decision will be submitted to the Graduate College admission’s office, who will notify you via email and/or mail.

If you do not meet admission requirements

You will be notified by the Graduate College via email and/or mail.

Admitted to Missouri State?

View our New Student Checklist to begin your transition to MSU.


Some graduate programs have specific deadlines that must be met in order to be considered for admission; applications received after those deadlines might not be considered. Check program listings in the Graduate Catalog and with your program director to identify program-specific deadlines.

Missouri State does adhere to semester deadlines. Please submit your application well before these deadlines, especially if you are considering a graduate assistantship. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall semester: July 20
  • Spring semester: December 20
  • Summer semester: May 20


A $35 non-refundable application fee is required of all first-time applicants applying for admission to the Graduate College.

If you are applying for readmission and have completed classes at MSU as a graduate student, you are not required to submit a fee.

Financial Aid

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