Graduate College

Graduate Catalog

2014-15 second edition, Nov 2014

The catalog is an information guide to Missouri State University and includes a comprehensive listing of the following:

  • all academic programs and policies,
  • graduate degree requirements,
  • a listing and description of all courses,
  • tuition and fees,
  • a listing of faculty and their teaching credentials
  • plus additional general information about the university.

The University publishes a separate undergraduate catalog which includes undergraduate admission requirements, academic policies, degree requirements and faculty.

All requirements, curricula, policies, procedures, fees, courses, and other matters described in the catalog are subject to change by the appropriate action of the faculty, the University administration and the Board of Governors.


Publishing schedule

First edition

(effective fall through summer)
Online, PDF .

Second edition

Late October/early November

Preliminary edition


New in this edition

  • Master of Fine Arts, Visual Studies
  • Master of Occupational Therapy
  • Computer Information Systems Graduate Certificate
  • Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Graduate Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate
  • Financial Analysis Graduate Certificate
  • International Business Graduate Certificate
  • Leadership Graduate Certificate
  • Management Graduate Certificate