2012-2013 Graduate Catalog - First Edition (PDF)

Entire Catalog
General Information
  • Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates
  • 2012-2013 Graduate Calendar
  • University Administration and Governance
  • University Overview and Accreditation
  • University Policies: Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA), Liability Protection, Nondiscrimination, Student Disability Accommodation, Email Communication, Non-Resident Status, Student Conduct
  • Academic Regulations
  • Graduate College: Mission, Graduate Council, Graduate Faculty, Graduate Student Council, Graduate Degree Programs, Graduate Certificate Programs, Graduate Procedures and Policies, Admission to Graduate Study, Graduate Classifications, General Degree Requirements, Graduate Certificate Program Procedures, Special Academic Opportunities, Inter-University Collaborations
  • Fees and Registration; Student Fee Schedule, Registration Procedures
  • Financial Assistance: Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships, Federal Financial Assistance, Student Employment Service
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
  • Master of Science in Administrative Studies
  • Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education
College of Arts and Letters
  • Art and Design, Dept. of
  • School of Communication Studies-Communication, Dept. of
  • School of Communication Studies-Media, Journalism, and Film, Dept. of
  • English, Dept.
  • Modern and Classical Languages, Dept. of
  • Music, Dept. of
  • Theatre and Dance, Dept. of
College of Business
  • Master of Business Administration
  • School of Accountancy, Dept. of
  • Computer Information Systems, Dept. of
  • Fashion and Interior Design, Dept. of
  • Finance and General Business, Dept. of
  • Management, Dept. of
  • Marketing, Dept. of
  • Technology and Construction Management, Dept. of
College of Education
  • Childhood Education and Family Studies, Dept. of
  • Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education, Dept. of
  • Reading, Foundations, and Technology, Dept. of
College of Health and Human Services
  • Master of Public Health
  • Biomedical Sciences, Dept. of
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders, Dept. of
  • Health, Physical Education, and . Recreation, Dept. of
  • Nursing, Dept. of
  • Physical Therapy, Dept. of
  • Physician Assistant Studies, Dept. of
  • Psychology, Dept. of
  • School of Social Work, Dept. of
College of Humanities and Public Affairs
  • Homeland Security & Defense Graduate Certificate
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice, Dept. of
  • Defense and Strategic Studies, Dept. of
  • Economics, Dept. of
  • History, Dept. of
  • Philosophy, Dept. of
  • Political Science, Dept. of
  • Religious Studies, Dept. of
  • Sociology and Anthropology, Dept. of
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Master of Natural and Applied Science
  • Biology, Dept. of
  • Chemistry, Dept. of
  • Computer Science, Dept. of
  • Geography, Geology, and Planning, Dept. of
  • Mathematics, Dept. of
  • Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science, Dept. of
William H. Darr School of Agriculture
Library Services
  • Library Science, Dept. of
University Services
Graduate Faculty Listing