Criminal Investigation

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Certificate in Criminal Investigation

Michael Kyle, Program Director
Strong Hall, Room 226; Phone 417-836-4333

Program description

Criminal investigators require a specialized combination of knowledge, which includes a foundation in basic investigative tools and techniques, an understanding of forensic science, and knowledge regarding criminal psychology. The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Investigation prepares the student for an investigatory role with 12 credit hours of graduate coursework covering these three key areas.

Admission criteria

To be considered for the program, a prospective student must meet the admission requirements for a Graduate Certificate at Missouri State University.

Required courses - 12 hours

Required courses - 9 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CRM 614 Forensic Science* 3 hrs
CRM 636 Criminal Psychology* 3 hrs
CRM 682 Criminal Investigation* 3 hrs
Choose one of the following courses - 3 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CRM 741 Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism 3 hrs
CRM 773 Offiender Thinking and Decision-making 3 hrs
CRM 796 Independent Study in Criminology & Criminal Justice     3 hrs
PSY 604 Forensic Child Psychology 3 hrs
PSY 617 Psychology of Child Abuse and Exploitations 3 hrs

*CRM 614, CRM 636, and CRM 682 may be taught concurrently with CRM 314, CRM 336, and CRM 382 respectively. Cannot receive credit for both CRM 614 and CRM 314, CRM 636 and CRM 336, or CRM 682 and CRM 382.

**CRM 796 Independent Study in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Topic must be related to criminal investigation and approved by Criminal Investigation Certificate Coordinator)

Completion requirements

Students must meet program and certificate completion requirements set forth by Missouri State University's Graduate College.