Graduate College Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures describe the rights and responsibilities you have as a graduate student at Missouri State University. A detailed list of policies, procedures, academic regulations, and other information are provided in the Graduate Catalog.

Highlighted below are some commonly referenced policies.

Common policies

Graduate Classifications

Students enrolling in graduate courses may be classified as degree-seeking (includes graduate certificates) or a variety of non-degree seeking classifications.

Admissions Criteria

General admissions criteria for all Masters and Doctoral degrees, although most programs have more rigorous criteria and additional requirements for a complete application. Competitive programs can not accept all students who meet the minimum requirements.

Transfer Credit

Graduate credits earned at another college/university may be used towards a graduate program here, with approval of the graduate program director.

Graduate Student Advisement

All students are assigned an academic advisor in their graduate program, and should work closely with their advisor throughout the pursuit of their degree/certificate.

Degree Requirements

General requirements for all Masters and Doctoral degrees, although specific requirements vary by programs.

Research Requirements

Research requirements are described under each section of the policy. Program specific requirements vary.

Comprehensive Exam

All graduate degrees require some sort of comprehensive evaluation, although details vary by programs. This could be in an oral and/or written format.


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Academic Integrity

Each student should become familiar with the policies and procedures related to academic integrity (honesty). In addition to this University document, each course will have additional policies.

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Each student should become familiar with these non-academic expectations of university life.

Academic Policies

These policies apply to all students and cover academic topics.

University Policies

These policies apply to all students and cover non-academic topics.