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Certificate in Teaching of Writing K-12

Rhonda Stanton, Graduate Director
Siceluff Hall, Room 209
Phone 417-836-6511

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing K-12 provides a 15-hour graduate-level experience for educators (postbaccalaureate or those who already have a MA or are enrolled in MA degree programs) wishing to meet professional development requirements in the teaching of writing. Students will gain a deep understanding of the teaching of writing through a combination of working on their own writing, reflecting on their teaching practices, and reading current research in writing pedagogy, composition, and literacy. Following the National Writing Project model of “teachers teaching teachers,” participants will share successful writing activities through demonstrations and develop and implement curriculum. They will formulate research questions about their teaching practices and document the effects of their instruction by collecting and analyzing student work. Upon completion of the certificate, educators are ideally suited to fulfill leadership roles in collaborative teaching projects and in professional development offerings related to improving writing instruction.

This certificate is a Missouri State University Certificate and does not meet DESE Certification requirements for teaching.

Admission Criteria

To be considered for the program, a student must submit a Graduate Application; have successfully completed the Invitational Summer Institute (ENG 730 or the equivalent at a National Writing Project site) with a “B” grade or better; and hold a Bachelor’s degree in English or related field. Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than English may be admitted to the GCTW program if they can demonstrate a commitment to teaching writing within their own discipline as a central component of their pedagogy. Such a commitment can be demonstrated in the statement of purpose or letters of recommendation.

The following additional required application materials must also be submitted:

  • A Statement of Purpose, approximately 500-750 words describing academic and/or professional objectives, teaching philosophy, approach and demonstrating a commitment to teaching writing; and
  • Two letters of recommendation from people who can speak to your academic and/or professional experience and expertise.

Required Courses: 15 hours total

Core Courses: Choose 9 hours from:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 730

Invitational Summer Institute

3-6 hrs
ENG 631 Writing for Teachers 3 hrs
ENG 720 Composition Theory 3 hrs
ENG 732 Seminar: Issues and Trends in English Education 3 hrs

Additional Courses: Choose 6 hours from:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 604 Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction 3 hrs
ENG 623 Writing Center Theory and Practice 3 hrs
ENG 629 Composition & Rhetoric in High School and Junior College 3 hrs
ENG 631* Writing for Teachers 3 hrs
ENG 639 Advanced Writing for Children and Young Adults 3 hrs
ENG 665 Literature and Language Workshop 3 hrs
ENG 672 Writing Grant Proposals 3 hrs
ENG 678 Writing in the Health Professions 3 hrs
ENG 679 Writing for the Web 3 hrs
ENG 684 Topics in Professional Writing 3 hrs
ENG 704 Teaching Writing Online 3 hrs
ENG 720* Composition Theory 3 hrs
ENG 721 Theory of Basic Writing 3 hrs
ENG 725 Seminar: Composition and Rhetoric 3 hrs
ENG 732* Seminar: Issues and Trends in English Education 3 hrs
ENG 770 The Teaching of Technical & Professional Writing 3 hrs

* Cannot be counted as an “additional course” if taken as a core class.

Completion requirements

Courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA for successful completion of certificate.