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Certificate in Information Technology

Xiang Guo, Graduate Program Director
Glass Hall, Room 359; Phone: 417-836-4131

Elizabeth Reger, Graduate Program Coordinator
Glass Hall, Room 105; Phone 417-836-5616

Program description

The Information Technology Graduate Certificate program provides a 12 hours graduate-level experience in the computer information systems field. The program involves in depth study of computer security, project management, neural networks, and current research in management information systems. Contact the COB Graduate Program Coordinator for additional information.


Candidates for the certificate program must be admitted to the University as a graduate student. The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and meet minimum admission criteria for the Master of Business Administration program. All course work must be approved by the MBA Program Director.

Required courses (12 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ITC 790 Seminar in Management Information Systems 3 hrs
Select three courses (9 hours) from the following:
ITC 628 Database Application Development with Oracle 3 hrs
ITC 645 Data Infrastructure for Data Analytics 3 hrs
ITC 655 Data Visualization 3 hrs
ITC 760 Foundations of Cybersecurity 3 hrs
ITC 663 Telecommunications and Network Security 3 hrs
ITC 664 Ethical Hacking and Incident Response 3 hrs
ITC 681 Foundations of Business Analysis  3 hrs
ITC 683 Cloud Computing 3 hrs
ITC 720 Project Management in Information Systems 3 hrs
ITC 735 Neural Networks for Machine Learning 3 hrs
ITC 761 Management Information Systems 3 hrs
ITC 762 Legal Issues in Cybersecurity 3 hrs
ITC 766 Web Application Security 3 hrs
ITC 767 Management of Information Security 3 hrs
ITC 794* Internship: Information Technology and Cybersecurity 3 hrs
ITC 796* Independent Study:  Information Technology and Cybersecurity 3 hrs
ITC 797* Independent Study - Information Technology & Cybersecurity 3 hrs

*Requires permission of the Department Head

GPA requirement

Attain a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate work utilized in the certificate program that includes Missouri State University and transfer courses.