Professional Studies: Environmental Management Option

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Master of Professional Studies: Environmental Management Option

The Department of Geography, Geology and Planning participates in the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree. The MPS is a cross-disciplinary program which features enhancement of administrative abilities with an area of emphasis. The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who are established in careers and are seeking professional growth and advancement within their vocations. The 33-hour program builds upon past work experience, and allows participants to expand their knowledge base, abilities, and skills which can lead to enhanced administrative roles within organizations.

A required core of 24 hours is taken in addition to the option requirements listed below.  See MPS Program for more information.

Environmental Management Option required courses:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GRY 731 Environmental Assessment 3 hrs
ECO 640 Economics of the Environment 3 hrs
  Elective Hours (6 hours chosen from following in consultation with advisor)  
BIO 632 Principles of Fisheries Management 3 hrs
BIO 662 Limnology 3 hrs
BIO 689 Game Management 3 hrs
BIO 726 Advanced Limnology Methods 3 hrs
CHM 660 Chemistry of Environmental Systems 3 hrs
PLN 671 Land Use Planning 3 hrs
PLN 674  Open Space Planning 3 hrs
GRY 748 Physiography & Resource Conservation 3 hrs
PLN 670  Planning Law 3 hrs