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Certificate in Fintech

Jeff Jones, Program Director
Glass Hall, Room 300; Phone 417-837-5504


Elizabeth Reger, Graduate Program Coordinator
Glass Hall, Room 223 Phone 417-836-5616

Program description

  • Provides a 15 hour graduate-level experience in the area of finance and technology.
  • The program involves in depth study of Fintech. Contact the MBA Director or Program Coordinator for additional information.

Admission criteria

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and meet minimum admission criteria for the Master of Business Administration program.
  • All course work must be approved by the MBA Program Director.
  • EMBA students must have a program of study approved by the Director of the EMBA program.

Required courses (15 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 6701 Foundations of Fintech 3 hrs
FIN 6851
FIN 6871
Portfolio Management & Alternative Assets
Security Valuation
3 hrs
FIN 6891 Management of Financial Institutions 3 hrs
ITC 735 Neural Networks for Machine Learning 3 hrs
ITC 680 Foundations of Blockchain Technology 3 hrs

1 Course may be waived if the 500-level undergraduate equivalent of the course has already been completed. However, no more than 6 hours may be waived from the program.