Graduate Certificate Programs

Op3.20 Graduate Certificate Program Procedures

Admission Requirements and Procedures:

The minimum standard for admission to a graduate certificate program is a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by agencies recognized by Missouri State University Graduate College.  Additional requirements and higher standards may be stipulated for specific graduate certificate programs and applicants should check for such requirements in the departmental section of this catalog.  To be considered for admission to a graduate certificate program, a student must complete the Graduate College Application (refer to the "Admission Procedures" section).  If a student is currently attending Missouri State University in a degree-seeking graduate classification, no additional application fee will be required.  Once the application is received by the Graduate College, the information will be sent to the Certificate Advisor for an admission recommendation.

Plan of Study Form:

Following admission to a certificate program, a Plan of Study Form will need to be submitted to the Graduate College.  This form is available on the Graduate College website at  The Plan of Study lists all of the courses to be used toward fulfillment of certificate completion requirements.  A student should work with the certificate program advisor to complete the form, as signatory approval of the advisor is required.  Keep in mind that courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be used on a Plan of Study for a graduate certificate.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Graduate College.  If it becomes necessary to change a course originally listed on the Plan of Study, a Change of Certificate Plan of Study form is required.  On a case-by-case basis, Missouri State University may accept graduate credit earned at other regionally accredited institutions.  Acceptance of transfer credits on a graduate certificate program occurs through recommendation of the student’s major advisor and approval of the Graduate College.  No more than 6 credit hours may be transferred to Missouri State University as part of a certificate program.  Collaborative programs may have different requirements.  As with all credits applied toward a graduate degree, transfer credits must have been earned within the eight-year time limit for a degree program.  Grades on transfer courses accepted in the degree program are included in the overall graduate grade point average.

Certificate Completion Requirements:

A Notification to Complete a Certificate Program Form must be submitted to the Graduate College during the semester in which the student plans to complete the program requirements.  This form is available at

To be eligible for a graduate certificate, a candidate must:

  1. Complete the minimum number of hours required for the certificate program.  Minimum hours for specific programs vary.
  2. Attain a grade point average of at least 3.00 on all graduate work utilized in the certificate program (that includes Missouri State University and transfer courses).
  3. Complete all requirements within an eight-year period (exclusive of time spent in the U.S. Armed Forces).
  4. Meet all additional program-specific certificate program requirements.  The certificate is mailed to the student approximately three weeks after the end of the semester of completion.  A hold will prevent the release of a transcript or certificate.