About the Fee Waiver and Stipend

Graduate assistants may be eligible to receive both a fee waiver scholarship and a stipend for living expenses.

NOTE: Current law prevents students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) status from receiving scholarships or other types of financial assistance directly from University, state or federal sources. A DACA status student may apply for graduate assistantships, but if selected, would be eligible to receive only the stipend portion as long as the student retains a valid work permit. This means the DACA status student would not be awarded the tuition and fee waivers. The current law does not prevent DACA status students from receiving scholarships sponsored by outside agencies or organizations.  Such students may want to search for scholarships.

About the fee waiver

The fee waiver will pay for graduate level courses that are part of your primary graduate program being pursued (i.e., on the program of study).

Waiver hours

The waiver covers up to 15 hours in the fall or spring. Graduate credit hours taken in the intersession prior to the start of a semester are part of the allowable fee waiver limits of that semester. Students appointed on a graduate assistantship during the spring semester are eligible for a fee-waiver scholarship of up to 6 hours during the following summer term as long as minimum eligibility if maintained. This eligibility does not depend on having a summer graduate assistantship.

For half GAs, waiver hours are not to exceed six in the fall or spring and three hours in the summer.

What the waiver covers

The GA fee waiver scholarship will pay for the following:

  • The minimum per credit hour basic tuition fee of any regular instruction graduate level course or up to $295 per credit hour for any Internet-based instruction graduate level course. (Amounts may be higher for students who are not residents of Missouri.)
  • Student services fees assessed for any graduate course enrollment.

The GA fee waiver scholarship will not pay for the following:

  • The G.A. fee waiver scholarship does not pay for "differential fees" or other enrollment fees assessed for certain courses (regular or internet based instruction). The list of courses with these extra fees, and the detailed rate for tuition and fees, is available at: https://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/costs.htm
  • Supplemental course fees assessed on any courses are not covered.
  • Student health insurance, books or other miscellaneous fees.
  • Undergraduate course work unless it is a special case approved by the Dean of the Graduate College.

Waiver details

The maximum number of graduate credits allowable with fee waiver scholarship assistance will not exceed 10 percent beyond the minimum credit hour requirements of your degree program, or one addition course if only enrolled in a graduate certificate. Upon review, courses which do not meet this guideline will result in loss of the fee waiver benefit for such courses or possible future eligibility.

About the stipend

The graduate assistantship provides a stipend either by semester or by academic year: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Length of assistantship

Semester Minimum of $4,470
Academic year (nine months) Minimum of $8,940

In a few situations, a stipend of $5,440 per semester or $10,880 per academic year may be awarded. Departments and offices can adjust the stipend level and may offer stipends above these amounts as long as the number of assistantships remains at or above the previous year’s totals.

Summer stipends

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available during the summer session. A graduate assistant appointed for the 2020 summer session will receive a stipend of either $2,235 or $2,720.

Summer graduate assistants may hold an assistantship without being enrolled in coursework, as long as she or he is enrolled in the subsequent fall semester.

Assistantships supported by external funding

If the graduate student's stipend is being funded by a grants/contract, departments and offices can adjust the stipend level and may offer stipends higher than the amounts listed above, with approval of the Graduate College. Whenever possible, grant proposals should include funds for fee waivers ($9000). Requests for the Graduate College to cover the fee waiver must be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate College prior to submitting the proposal. 

Eligibility for fee waiver

Your signed assistantship appointment form must be received by the Graduate College by the below dates to be eligible:

  • September 15 for the Fall semester
  • February 15 for the Spring semester