Graduate Student Advisement

Op3.19-3 Advisement

Graduate students are assigned an advisor at the time of admission. In some cases, the graduate advisor may be changed once a student is fully matriculated into the program. The role of the graduate advisor is to:

  • Assist the student in the selection of course work for his/her graduate program;
  • Evaluate transfer credits as acceptable for meeting requirements;
  • Recommend acceptance or rejection of all graduate course work toward the program of study as shown in the student's degree audit; and
  • Advise and assist the student in completion of all Missouri State University and departmental requirements for degree.

It is extremely important that students have early contact with their advisor and gain advisor approval before registering for classes. The advisor is a key person in helping individuals plan their graduate program, ensuring that classes fit the program, planning an appropriate class sequence, and providing other input that ensures a student is successful in their graduate program. All degree-seeking students must have the advisor complete an electronic release prior to registering.