Thesis Resources

Your thesis is the culmination of your graduate program. From picking a subject and developing a study to analyzing the data and writing the results, the thesis process includes more than just writing a paper. Consult with your committee chair to develop a timeline that best suits your project’s needs.

  1. Develop your project idea and build your committee

    Your thesis will be overseen by your committee chair and at least two other Missouri State graduate faculty members.

  2. Create a project timeline, accommodating necessary approvals

    Before you begin your research, you may need to complete the necessary research trainings.

  3. Conduct your study and analyze the results

    Thesis funding opportunities are available to you to help cover the costs of your research. Find out more on the Funding page.

  4. Write your thesis

    Through your written thesis, you will integrate your study and its findings with the larger body of research conducted on similar topics.

    When preparing your thesis, you must use the formatting requirements outlined in the documents below:


            a. It is recommended that you submit your thesis first to SafeAssignment (see the How-to listed below for more information) to avoid accidental plagiarism.

            b. When your thesis is in the Thesis Template, it is recommended that you have you thesis formatting reviewed by the Writing Center.

          The following links contain supplemental instructions that will be relevant to some theses.

  1. Gain approval by your committee

    You will present your final thesis to your committee for their approval. Most programs require a defense of your research along with a public presentation of your findings. Consult with your committee chair to learn about your program’s requirements.

  2. Submit approved thesis to the Graduate College

    A review copy of your thesis is due to the Graduate College about two weeks prior to the end of the semester. Ensure that your submission includes the following items:

    • One hard copy of your thesis
    • One digital copy of your thesis (include a Word document copy)
    • Acceptance/signature page with original signatures
    • A signed Student Checklist (which is located in the Thesis Guide) and if indicated on this checklist, a complete article from the journal which you are using as your secondary style manual.
  3. Make noted edits and resubmit final copy to the Graduate College

    You will have approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the semester to make the noted edits to your thesis and resubmit to the Graduate College.

    The following items must be included in your final submission to the Graduate College:

    • Checklist for Final Thesis Submission
    • At least two unbound final copies printed on 25 percent cotton-fiber, acid-free white paper, 20-24 lb. weight
    • Original signatures on at least one approval sheet
    • A digital copy of your thesis as an archival PDF
    • Additional copies for your advisor, self, etc.
    • Binding fee
  4. Submit your final copy as an archival PDF to the BearWorks database.

Deadline for Fall 2017 Thesis Submissions

November 27, 2017

Deadline for Spring 2018 Thesis Submissions

To Be Determined