Einhellig Interdisciplinary Forum - Abstract Submission

We are not currently accepting abstract submissions for the Einhellig Interdisciplinary Forum. Please check back later for submission deadlines for the 2023 event.

To participate in the Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum, you must submit your abstract on Symposium by ForagerOne

Your abstract should contain these key elements: purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions.

Tips for submitting your abstract

  • Gain your advisor’s approval before submitting your abstract.
  • Type your information and abstract into the form. Do not copy and paste from a rich text file (e.g., Word, Docs, etc.) as underlying punctuation markup will be stripped from your content..
  • See the instructions at Abstract if your abstract has special characters like subscripts, superscripts, italics or symbols.
  • Your title can be no more than 120 characters and the body of the abstract can be no more than 1,000 characters; these include spaces.
  • If your abstract submission has complex characters, please send your abstract submission via email to GradCollegeServices@MissouriState.edu

If you are presenting IN PERSON:

  • Please submit your abstract at the link below.
  • Be sure to indicate that you are presenting in person.
  • If you are presenting a poster presentation, please submit a copy of your poster with your abstract. This will be displayed online.
  • If you are presenting an ORAL or PERFORMANCE presentation, please upload this file *edited to include your name and presentation title* as a PDF in the Poster Presentation field.

If you are presenting VIRTUALLY:

  • Please submit your abstract at the link below.
  • Be sure to indicate that you are presenting virtually.
  • You will be expected to upload one of the following options at the time of abstract submission.
    • Poster Presentations: You will upload your poster and a video of your voiceover presentation.
    • Oral Presentation: You will upload a video of your oral presentation.
    • Performance: You will upload a video of your performance piece.
  • We will be reaching out to confirm the reason you are unable to present in person.