Einhellig Interdisciplinary Forum

Two students talking at the Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum

The 29th Annual Frank Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum will be held on May 7, 2022. 

Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum abstract submissions will be accepted until April 15. 

All participating students will be required to upload both a video and poster presentation prior to the virtual forum.

Required PowerPoint Template

May 7, 2022 Annual Frank Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our annual Einhellig Interdisciplinary Forum (EIDF) of graduate student research and creative works during the week of May 1. Keep an eye out for upcoming deadlines and important messages this Spring.  

Timeline information:

April 15: Deadline to submit an abstract

May TBD: Judges will begin evaluating the posters. 

May 7: EIDF Awards Ceremony event from TBD. Featuring remarks from President Smart and Provost Einhellig from TBD. The Annual Awards Recognition will begin at TBD. 

As you all know, our institution prides itself on the extraordinary work of our students, done both independently and with the mentorship of our faculty. Our dedicated students have been working on research and creative projects that push the boundaries of our knowledge. The EIDF is a celebration of graduate student achievements, and we invite all of you to join us to offer your encouragement and take part in the discussions our students have started.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact GradCollegeServices@missouristate.edu.

We are looking forward to having you join us!


Coming Soon.

2021 EIDF winners

These students were recognized for their outstanding presentations at the EIDF:

Outstanding Poster Presentations:

Lisha Kraft​

Anna Laffoon​

Dane Wagner​

John Kincaid​

Matthew James​

Taylor West​

Susan Bailey​

Matthew So​

Heather Campie​

Donald Wormington​

Indigo Tran​

Kavya Tummala​

Hannah Peak​

Alison Kuhn​

Snigdha Chaudhari​

Brooke Nadeau​

Erica Cain​

Kori McCurry​

Bin Hao​

Sarah Fringer ​

Melanie Bond Willenbrock​

Sierra Chitwood​

Megan Westwoond

Alexis Gaono​

Apryl Meyers​

Allison Chamberlin​

Honorable Mentions:

Samuel Johnson​

Min Zhang​

Elizabeth Troutwine​

David Fleshman​

Samuel Schrum​

Abigail Prudden​

Matthew Freese​

Elizabeth Presley​

Stewart McCollum​

Samuel Robison​

Taylor Corlee​

Cammi Dargatz​

Madison Turntine​

2020 Einhellig IDF 

The 27th Annual Frank Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum was held virtually on Saturday, May 2, 2020. Presenters, as well as judges, guests, and facilitators met via Zoom at 8:00am, and viewed student posters via ForagerOne. 

The 26th Annual Frank Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum was held on Saturday, May 4, 2019. 

Share your research and creativity

The Frank Einhellig Interdisciplinary Forum showcases graduate student research and creative works through oral, poster and performance presentations.  These presentations are designed for a mixed audience, so jargon is minimized and explanations are clear.

Presentation categories

You can present your research though an oral presentation, a visual poster or a performance. Learn details and tips for presenters

Oral presentations - in person or virtually

You will have 12 minutes to present followed by 3 minutes for audience questions.  Please load your presentations on the room computer prior to the day's presentations.

Virtual presenters will be sharing their prepared materials and talking to the IDF attendees through Zoom. Please contact the Graduate College by March 16th for information on how this will work.

Poster presentations

Your poster will be hung between 7:45 and 11:45, and you will be assigned a 1-hour block to stand with it for judging.


You will have 15 minutes to perform. If your piece is static, consider entering the poster division.

Presentation Criteria

View the 2019 IDF Judging Criteria here. 


Awards for outstanding presentations are given in the three presentation divisions. Also, the award winners for Outstanding Graduate Assistants, Graduate Mentor and Graduate Faculty are announced at the forum.  This ceremony will start shortly after noon (in the PSU theater) and will last about an hour.  In addition to awards, it will include welcome messages from our President, our Provost, and the Graduate College Dean. The awards ceremony will start at approximately 12:10 pm and conclude by 1:30 pm. 

2020 EIDF winners

These students were recognized for their outstanding presentations at the EIDF:

Danielle Hart

Charles Agbavor

Debadutta Goswami

Britni Fear

Caitlyn Golden

Carly Bondelier

Megan McClure

Kara Murphy

Crystal Blackwell

Vy Nguyen

Tiffany Lee

Jessica Havener

Xin Wei Ong

Sylvia Ofori-Yeboah

Jessicad Bruer

Victoria Decocq

Heather Felske

Amanda McVicker

Arkanil Roy

Jedonna Griter

Husref Rizvanovic

Lauren Rogers

Emily Kinkade

Taylor Wiertzema

Abigail McCarty

Laura Barnett

Dede Carson

Ali Long

Kathryn Viletstra

Adjoa Adams

Ehsan Suez

Karin Shannon

Karlie Reinkemeyer

Shavonne Francis

Lexie Arbour

Katelynn Paro

Lakshmi Sravya Rallabandi

Supreet Randhawa

Elizabeth Farrah

Kelsey Keady

Jacob Luth

Courtney Fochs

Callie McLaurin

Taylor Turner

Kaitlin Voss

Haylee Kirkland

Melanie Shockley

Eva Ragon

Luckio Owuocha

Kailey Meyer

Rachel Hudson

Kafayat Yusuf

Mackenzie Loechner

Anna Ballard

Rachel Lorenz

Caitlyn Hill

Constance Brown

Margaret Baldwin

Shoukat Ahmed

Christopher Stefanile

Other involvement opportunities

If you don’t want to present, you can be involved in the forum by:


You will receive a confirmation via email within a week over the holidays or in less time when classes are in session.

You will receive detailed information before the event.