Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum - Abstract Submission


Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum abstract submissions will be accepted until April 15 for a Virtual IDF. 

To participate in the Einhellig Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum, you must submit your abstract using the form below; stay tuned for abstract submission dates for Spring 2020. 

Your abstract should contain these key elements: purpose of research, methods, results and conclusions. Attend one of our abstract workshops for more writing tips.

Tips for submitting your abstract

  • Gain your advisor’s approval before submitting your abstract.
  • Type your information and abstract into the form. Do not copy and paste from a text file (e.g., Word, Docs, etc.) as simple punctuation will get lost due to hidden coding in many text processing softwares.
  • See the instructions at Abstract if your abstract has special characters like subscripts, superscripts, italics or symbols.
  • Your title can be no more than 120 characters and the body of the abstract can be no more than 1,000 characters; these include spaces.
  • If your abstract submission has complex characters, please send your abstract submission via email to GradCollegeServices@MissouriState.edu

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

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If you are unsure of the category which you should be placed in, check with your advisor before submitting your request.

You must notify the Graduate College of any special characters in your abstract by

  1. Sending an email to GradCollegeServices@MissouriState.edu
  2. Type special characters in EGIDF in the subject line
  3. Paste your abstract text into the email message with any special characters highlighted in yellow .
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