Appointment and Training Policies


Op3.16-4 Stipends

Various standard graduate assistantship stipend rates are offered for the academic year. The lower rate is used for most assistantships, but higher rates are offered in limited situations. Departments/offices determine stipend levels but must ensure the number of assistantships remains at or above the previous year’s totals.

A graduate assistant is required to complete the minimum enrollment standards set by the Graduate College during each fall and spring semester of appointment and must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.00.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available during the summer session. Summer graduate assistants may hold an assistantship in the summer without being enrolled in coursework, as long as they are enrolled in the subsequent fall semester.

Refer to the Graduate College website for enrollment requirements, stipend amounts and payment schedules.

Students who are awarded a graduate assistantship also receive fee-waiver scholarships. Note that graduate assistants whose appointment paperwork is received in the Graduate College after September 15 (for fall semester) and February 15 (for spring semester) will not be eligible for the fee-waiver scholarship.

Fee waiver costs

Op3.16-5 Fee Waiver Costs

Fee waiver scholarships are calculated as a weighted average of in-state and out-of-state fees for the mean number of credits taken by graduate assistants.  The fee waiver scholarship will continue to be provided for all positions held by a department/office during Fall 2004 (considered the baseline semester).  Any additional appointments beyond this number during Fall 2004 will not automatically include the fee waiver scholarship.  Rather, the department/office desiring to hire an additional GA will be required to also transfer funds into the fee waiver budget A02000-312025-69010-081*.  To determine the additional funds required, please see the Fee Waiver table. 

* Exceptions to this policy for grant-funded assistantships will be considered when a funding agency only allows for provision of a stipend, but no fee waiver (contact the Graduate College in such situations).

Appointment and training procedures

Op3.16-6 Appointment and Training Procedures


The Graduate College website contains a list of known GA openings. However, hiring units may use their own strategies for recruitment and making hiring recommendations for GAs to the Graduate College. Units should ensure that the potential GA meets the university eligibility requirements (Op3.16-1). Once eligibility is confirmed, a GA Bear PAF should be submitted to the Graduate College for approval based on university due dates.


The Graduate College holds a mandatory training for new Teaching Assistants prior to each semester. These sessions provide information regarding instructional responsibilities and other relevant information.

Hours and timesheets

Op3.16-9 Hours and Timesheets

Assistantships begin the week prior to class and continue through commencement each semester. Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week on average. Specific hours of employment are arranged between the student and supervisor. International students can only work 20 hours maximum per week. A work week is defined as Monday-Sunday.

The GA Time sheet form should be used by all Graduate Assistants who are not Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants. Details on the tracking of hours for non-teaching and non-research graduate assistants can be found at

Teaching Assistants are those who are responsible for managing, instructing, and determining grades for credit and whose primary duty is teaching in an academic department. If the GA merely assists a professor with such things as grading or preparing instructional materials, the GA is not classified as a Teaching Assistant, and a time sheet will be required.

Graduate Research Assistants are engaged in research performed under the supervision of a member of the faculty in a research environment provided by the institution under a grant or contract.

Graduate assistants typically do not work on university holidays nor other days when classes are not in session. Any unit requirements that necessitate GA involvement during these times should be discussed with the GA prior to employment.

Termination and resignation

Op3.16-10 Termination/Resignation

Please contact the Graduate College as soon as a termination or resignation is known.

Resignation/Termination of an assistantship by a student or by a department/unit must be made in writing.  As soon as a graduate assistant has been terminated or has resigned, a copy of the letter of termination/resignation and a corresponding Personnel Action Form (with the termination action checked) should be sent to the Graduate College.  Failure to complete a Personnel Action Form in a timely manner for a student who has been terminated or has resigned, may delay appointment of a replacement assistant.