Faculty Research Grants

Proposal Submission Deadlines

The Spring deadline for submission of proposals is February 1st. The Fall deadline for submission of proposals is October 1st. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted the next working day.


The aims of the Missouri State University faculty grant program is to enhance research and creative activities and contributions to knowledge and appreciation. Faculty Research Grants will be awarded to support new research, creative or scholarly activities or for high quality projects not likely to receive external funding.

Eligibility and Scope

  • Only ranked faculty members (i.e., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Distinguished Professor) are eligible for awards.
  • Faculty members will not be funded for more than one project per academic year.
  • A minimum of one year is required between completion of projects (defined as closing out the grant budget and submitting a final report) previously supported by Faculty Research grants and the application date for new submissions.  Please note the following dates prior to submission of your Faculty Research Grant application as the Committee cannot make an exception to this rule:
    • If you are filing an application for the February 1st due date:  Your previous faculty research grant budget has to have been closed out, and a final report submitted before January 31, 2021.
    • If you are filing an application for the October 1st due date:  Your previous faculty research grant budget has to have been closed out, and a final report submitted before September 30, 2020.
  • In addition, a faculty member who has previously received a Faculty Research Grant must have applied for an external grant since completion of the previous Faculty Research Grant. 
  • Please note that the same project can not be funded by another internal grant source. In addition, a faculty member cannot submit an application for a Faculty Research Grant and a Summer Faculty Fellowship during the same academic year.
  • Faculty accepting awards should be returning to the University the following year, and if there is a termination of future employment, this will truncate expenditures from a grant in progress.

If you have previously received a Faculty Research grant and have questions about your eligibility to submit a new grant application, please contact the Graduate College. This restriction applies to all authors of a multiple-authored proposal.  

Grant requests should not exceed $7,500. Faculty grant proposals may request funding for personnel, supplies, equipment, travel, supplies, services, and various other costs (see details pp. 5). Personnel can include student help, graduate assistants, and services not found at Missouri State University. However, faculty supplemental pay is not provided in Faculty Research grants. Also, travel to meetings for presentations of research results and publication costs will not be funded. The rationale for all budget requests must be provided and supported by appropriate justification.


Projects/investigators funded under these programs are subject to the Missouri State University policies/ guidelines for integrity in research, financial interest disclosure, human subjects review, animal care and use procedures, biosafety, export control, intellectual property, and use of space. (See the Office of Research Administration website). Expenditures will not be allowed until proper approval is obtained.


Proposals (excluding vitae, cover page, and budget pages) should not exceed 6 single-spaced, typed pages (12 point font, 1 inch margin), including references. The vitae should be limited to no more than 5 pages (12 point font, 1 inch margin) with emphasis on recent activity that support the proposal. Specific instructions for preparing proposals for consideration for Faculty Research Grants are available for download below.  All questions/fields are required and incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Committee.  If a question/field is "not applicable" please mark as "N/A".


It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the completed proposal electronically as one PDF document to the Graduate College (GraduateCollege@MissouriState.edu) by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline for distribution to the Faculty Grants Committee. The document should be consolidated into one PDF prior to submission.  Proposals failing to comply with the attached guidelines will not be considered by the committee. The Spring deadline for submission of proposals is February 1st. The Fall deadline for submission of proposals is October 1st. All funded projects must be completed within one (1) year of award.


Grant proposals are evaluated by the Faculty Grants Committee with this committee making funding recommendations to the Associate Dean of the Graduate College. Grant applicants should be aware that gaining funding is a competitive process since more proposals are received and more dollars are requested than the funds available. Selection is based primarily on the quality of the proposal. In addition, priority is given to new faculty, to faculty who have not received previous funding, and projects that involve students if feasible. These awards should act as seed funds to better position the investigator to apply for external grant funding. Applicants are encouraged to attend grant-writing workshops that are offered by the Office of Sponsored Research. Respect for the peer review process and a collegial attitude toward the work of the committee are integral parts of the success of the Missouri State University internal grant award system.

Expenditure of Funds

Expenditure of funds can begin as soon as grant accounts are established by Financial Services. All expenditures are approved by Lisa Taylor, Assistant to the Dean, in the Graduate College. Funds will not be used to reimburse an individual who has already spent or obligated money for a project prior to receiving written notification from the Graduate Dean of the grant award and budget accounting process. Please note that no expenditure of funds can be made unless proper institutional authorization has been received (i.e., IRB, Animal Care). 

Please see the following Guidelines for Paying Research Participants for information on how to pay research participants from your Faculty Research Grant (FRG) funds.

Patented/Copyrighted Material

Grants which result in materials which may be patented or copyrighted or which otherwise have commercial value are subject to the University policies and procedures with regard to intellectual property.

Final Report

A final, written report must be submitted to the Graduate College within 30 days of project completion. There is no specific format for the final report. A short overview explaining what was accomplished during the period of the grant is sufficient. Failure to submit such a report will disqualify applicants for obtaining future Faculty Grant funding.

Contact Information

Questions regarding Faculty Research Grants may be directed to either Lisa Taylor, or the Graduate College.