Past Award Winners

Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award
(MAGS Nominee)

Year Winner Academic Unit
2023-2024 No nominations received  
2022-2023 Tiana Brownen Communication
2021-2022 Courtney Fallon Communication
2020-2021 Matthew So Biology
2018-2019 Kailyn Hall English

Colton Lynn
♦Placed 2nd at MAGS♦

2016-2017 Taylor Smith  Psychology
2015-2016 Shaley Moore Communication
2014-2015 Hyoeun McDermott Biology
2013-2014 Katelyn Bartlett Biology
2012-2013 Denise Thompson Biology

Distinguished Thesis Award
(MAGS Nominee)

Year Winner Academic Unit Category

Danny Zapata


Biological & Life Sciences

Samuel Griffin




Anthony Harris

Computer Science

Physical Sciences

Sophia Antonopoulous


Biological & Life Sciences

Riley Brown

Religious Studies



Jessica Reel


Biological & Life Sciences


Brianna VerPloeg


Biological & Life Sciences

David Dooling



2019-2020 Daniel Jones Religious Studies  Humanities

Flora-Jean Forbes


Social Sciences

Angeline Rodriquez


Biological & Life Sciences

Daniel Armstrong

Religious Studies


2017-2018 Wesley Weichert Geospatial Science Physical Sciences
2016-2017 Akram Afatle English  Humanities
Brigette Williams Plant Science Life Sciences
Jamie Smith Psychology Social Sciences
David Huggins Geospatial Science Physical Sciences
2015-2016 Harrison King Religious Studies Humanities
Hyoeun McDermott Biology Life Sciences
2014-2015 Daniel Pap Plant Science/Biology  
Caitlin Masterson Psychology  
2013-2014 Matthew Hartman Religious Studies  

3 Minute Thesis Awards

Year Winner Academic Unit
2023-2024 Andrew Schesser Nurse Anesthesia
2022-2023 Brianne Edwards Biology
2021-2022 Nick Rych Business
2020-2021 Kati Morgan Nurse Anesthesia
2019-2020 Kafayat Yusuf Biology
2018-2019 Jesse Carrol Plant Science

Sarah Spangler


Mecca Walker, Runner-up
♦Placed 2nd at MAGS♦


2016-2017 Cassandra Sherwood Communication
2015-2016 Eric Briggs I/O Psychology

Outstanding Thesis Advisor

MSU Award - Identified by the Graduate College
Year Winner Academic Unit
2024 Micheal Czyzniejewski English
2023 Razib Iqbal Computer Science
2022 Day Ligon Biology
2021 Jordan Belisle Psychology
Kyoungtae Kim Biology
2020 Ridwan Sakidja Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
2019 Melissa Remley Agriculture
2018 Sean Maher Biology
2017 David Lutz Psychology
John Schmalzbauer Religious Studies
2016 Thomas Kane Psychology
Janice Greene Biology
2015 Kartik Ghosh Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Eric Steinle Chemistry and Biochemistry
2014 Daniel Beckman Biology
Christopher Herr Theatre & Dance
2013 Brian Greene Biology

Outstanding Graduate Mentor

MSU Award - Nominated by Graduate Students and selected by Graduate Student Senate
Year Winner Department
2023-2024 Margaret Weaver English
2022-2023 Gordana Lazic Communication
2021-2022 Elizabeth King Childhood Education and Family Studies (now known as the School of Teaching, Learning and Developmental Sciences)
2019-2020 Kyoungtae Kim Biology
2017-2018 Matthew McKay Geography, Geology and Planning
2016-2017 Melinda Novik Kinesiology
2015-2016 Chin-Feng Hwang Agriculture
2014-2015 Kyoungtae Kim Biology
2013-2014 Cindy MacGregor Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education (now known as the School of Special Education, Leadership and Professional Studies)

Outstanding Graduate Assistant

MSU Award - Selected by Graduate Student Senate
Year Winner Award Type
(Administrative, Teaching, or Research Assistant)
2024 Kadesh Clouden Administrative Assistant
Hannah Chapman Teaching Assistant
Farhang Mohammed Salih Research Assistant
2023 Kylie Gillen Administrative Assistant
Zull-Kifuly Moumouni Teaching Assistant
Shusmoy Chowdhury Research Assistant
2022 Kaitlyn Killingsworth Administrative Assistant
Benjamin Pomeroy Teaching Assistant
Kyndra Chastain Research Assistant
2021 Megan Westood Teaching Assistant
Jhoanna Sadural Research Assistant
2020 Twon Madison Administrative Assistant
Kenny Kabak Teaching Assistant
2019 Aline dos Santos Gomes Administrative Assistant
Dimetria Green Teaching Assistant
2018 Jaggar Deeds Administrative Assistant
Kinzang Duba Research Assistant
2017 Erica Lord Administrative Assistant
Kendell Loyd Teaching Assistant
Jennifer Telfer Research Assistant
2016 Samantha Reiter Administrative Assistant
Adedamola Opalade Teaching Assistant
Christine Hannis Research Assistant
2015 Michelle Madsen Administrative Assistant
Justin Drane Teaching Assistant
William Boyer Research Assistant

Adam Crawford

Administrative Assistant

Jaclyn Brandhorst

Teaching Assistant
Emily Stefano Research Assistant
2013 Hunter Klie Administrative Assistant